Where do I go from here?

  1. Check the Event Calendar – In the upper left corner of the page is a small calendar. Days with numerals shown in bold orange are dates of public meetings and other dates important to homeowners. If you hover your mouse pointer over one of these highlighted dates a short description of the event will be displayed. To see more information about the event click on the date.
  2. Check Upcoming Events and Announcements – The "Calendar" link in the side bar, under "Information and Discussion", shows detailed information about all upcoming events.
  3. Meeting Summaries – To get up to speed on what has happened at public meetings click "Meeting Summaries" under categories. Note that the meetings are listed with the most recently posted summary first, not in chronological order. Please post a comment if you have an addition, correction or question about one of the meeting summaries.
  4. Contacts – We have provided contact information for a number of officials involved with this plan. If nothing else, please take the time to send a letter or e-mail to the Board of Regents. It is critical they receive your comments before the January 27th meeting. Also write your congressmen.
  5. For an overview of all the posts on the site check out View All Topics and View All Comments.
  6. Life Changes – This section contains personal stories from property owners. If you would like to post your own story please enter it as a comment to any story or send it by email to the < ?php EncodedMailLink("oseinfo@okstateexpansion.com", "moderator"); ?>.

Posting Comments

You can post a comment under any topic. Just enter your name and e-mail address and type in your comment. Comments are reviewed before they are posted. If you would like your comment to be anonymous please note that in your comment. Any notes to the moderator will be deleted before the comment is posted. Your e-mail address is needed only so that the moderator can communicate with you if needed. It will not be public.