6/25/07: All properties not yet negotaited by OSU will be turned over from the Foundation, Gary Calrk, to OSU on July 1, 2007. At that point, one will be dealing with OSU, possibly, Randall Elliot. If no agreement is then reached between OSU and property owner, it will go to the Board of Regents to be approved for being placed in Eminent Domain.

3/19/07: A new master plan for the village is posted in links to the left of the page (under OSU Master Plan; Master Plan 3/07). It takes a while to come up (at least on my computer) and get out your magnifying glass. The following is from an email I received:
Of note:

The “curl” from Western into Hall Of Fame is gone, HOF will now deadhead into a straightened-out Western Avenue. That should make for a fun drive to and from gameday (let alone driving across town).

A section of married student housing that’s next to HOF is gone, to no surprise.

The south side of McElroy between Monroe & Washington appears as if it will be left alone.

The entire south side of Eskridge street looks to be claimed in full by the university (so much for the row of “buffer homes”). Stillwater Plaza and The Key apartments on the west side of Duck are also gone.

The medians in the middle of McElroy south of the baseball stadium won’t work, unless they plan on making that stretch of it one-way only.

Cordell Hall gets left! They finally got one thing right.

The #2 fire station is still being claimed for a new art gallery. To no surprise, no replacement station is illustrated. Perhaps the City can build a new one downtown.

The student union parking garage is being left intact. If you look down and to the left of that, you’ll see that the Sigma Nu fraternity house is missing, and their planned re-alignment of Washington street is still there. Has the City given their tacit approval to OSU’s plans without any input from their citizens (taxpayers) yet again

2/1/07: I have been posting letters to the editor but they are not currently being found on the left side of the website, due to SNP changing their formatting. Hopefully, we will get that corrected soon. You can find them if you go to “all letters” under “letters to the Editor” on the left side of this page.

When you vote for County assessor, please keep in mind how helpful Jacquie Rose was during the OSU takeover of property. She was always extremely courteous and cooperative and very willing to help individuals with print outs of their assessments, etc. She merely said it was part of her job. It helped many to know a value for their property. Don’t forget to vote!

I will periodically report on the construction progress I see during my walks around the neighborhood. The report can be found under “PROGRESS REPORT” at the left of this page.

WE HAVE ONLINE, two portions of the DVD presentation given to the Board of Regents prior to their Mar. 3 meeting. If you have dial up, it takes forever to download and you will just get it in “pieces”. However, if you have DSL, cable, etc., it should be no problem.

The 3 wins movie shows the 3 “Win-Win” locations suggested for the athletic village.
Click here to view.

The Buchanan interview may be of special interest to those still negotiating with OSU/Foundation. The Buchanans’ “negotiations” were all done by OSU and their representing attorney, Randall Elliot.
Click here to view.

    There is an editorial letter in the Sports Illlustrated magazine regarding Pickens’ gift to OSU. The letter is on the last page of the magazine. (Sept. 11 issue). Though I cannot link it to this website, you can read the article @

    Wall Street Journal, 3/30/06, regarding OSU athletic village. A copy of the article here.

    I have entered a summary of an article from the “Stillwater Journal” regarding the cooperation of OSU with the City of Stillwater. You might want to check it out under: “Newspapers/Media/Regent” ; “Stillwater Journal Articles”

    Possibly of interest: I read in the Tulsa World that Mike Gundy, head football coach for the Pokes, stated at an OSU athletic event in Tulsa, : “I feel lucky that (Pickens) gave the money to give us the opportunity to build. By the summer of 2008, we’ll have the best facility in the country. (looks as if timeline is moving AGAIN.)

    Even though Gary Clark said that Dr. Schmidly decided to slow down on turning over the files for propeties S. of McElroy until the 1st of June, an individual told me he had informed them that he was turning over their property to OSU now. Cinnabar contract terminates June 1, 2006. As for North of McElroy, Gary (the foundation) will continue to handle those properties.

    As much as OSU wants to degrade our county assessor she has “passed” the audit done by the state. OSU requested the state do an extra audit of her because the new appraisals are more than OSU wants to pay. She passed that audit, too. Our county assessor has used comparables in the area. She has NOT “been playing games with the appraisals” as accused by OSU.

    You can now hear Lee Agnew sing his “Good Ole Town” song online. It is at the bottom of his song/poem. It takes a while to download.

    With the Board of Regents approval of OSU’s 5 yr. master plan, we begin a new “era”. I will keep the website up, at least for awhile. Some have not yet sold to OSU and may have questions or comments regarding negotiations with OSU. If I see any information pertinent to the issue, I will post it.

    Looking back over the last 4 months, I have been blessed by the many wonderful and talented people with whom I have become acquainted. I have gotten to know more of my current neighbors. These are the positives and I thank you, one and all.

    I am proud that we have stood for what we feel is right and ethical. I truly hope, that in the long run, great things come for each of you individually from this crisis; and that the City of Stillwater and OSU will be better for it as well.

    Your comments and help have made this site one of insight, thought and information. Thank you, Ann Williams

  • Write Letters! – Please write letters to the Board of Regents with concerns regarding the expansion plan. If you are an Oklahoma resident also write the Governor, your state senators and representatives and Letters to the Editor of your local paper.

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