This website is provided for you to express your views, comments, opinions and suggestions, both pro and con. It will also provide information regarding the Oklahoma State University Expansion Plan and hopefully, keep you up to date on its progress, events scheduled regarding the plan and comments taken from these events.

Your thoughts will be posted on this site for others to consider. However, the site does have a moderator and the moderator will not post any communiqués that include foul or abusive language or hostile & irrationalĀ comments.

Any email addresses received at this site will NOT be given to ANYONE else. Email addresses will NOT be posted. However, you must include your name in your communiqué. If you do not want your name posted with you comments, please tell me that in your comment.

If you are a homeowner, you are welcome to post your story. Each property owner is experiencing a life-changing situation over which they have no control and, understandably, emotions run high. Some of these properties are home to individuals who have lived in them for many years. Other properties are rentals, providing income and livelihood to the owners. There are 410 + properties involved in this acquisition.

There are jury trials scheduled for June for homeowners who have been offered a settlement for their properties by OSU, and found the offers unacceptable.

We have provided an easy link to the Oklahoma State University Master Plan site. You will also find (on the left hand side of this page) other sites of interest along with a calendar of related meetings, newspaper links, “contact” information, and much, much more for your user friendly access.