ALERT!!! HELP? There has been a great deal of vandalism in the neighborhood. Windows have been broken, items taken from vacant houses, light fixtures destroyed, etc. Some of the vandals have been caught by the police. However, the vandalism is still occurring. Last night many of the houses were spray painted. It is obvious from the message left in paint on the houses, that they feel they are retaliating against OSU.

This is NOT the case. First of all, OSU doesn’t want to be in the business of selling houses. The price they are getting on these properties is minimal in the eyes of OSU. Simply demolishing and clearing lots would be much more to the expedience of implementing OSU’s plans, which we know is a priority.

This vandalism is another “slap in the face” to property owners in the area. Houses that have signs stating they are to be moved/sold are houses that have been purchased from OSU already, by one individual. He is moving the houses to another area of Stillwater and renovating them to provide low cost housing and to keep these properties on Stillwater’s tax roll. Some are being moved to another location in Stillwater by the previous owner of the property, and some by individuals who will move & renovate properties for rental.

I do NOT feel that anyone who visits this site would be a part of such action. However, if anyone out there hears information that might help to stop the vandalism, PLEASE contact the proper authorities. Let’s try to get the word out that this vandalism is NOT hurting OSU, but it is again hurting those who have owned property in the area, and some good individuals who are trying to make the best of a bad situation and help the community.

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