Attend mtgs, report, transportation, etc.

1. Attend Homeowners meeting Wed., Nov. 30.
2. Attend Board of Regents meeting Fri., Dec. 2.
3. Email the Board of Regents.
4. Send a letter to the editor to The Stillwater Journal or the Stillwater Newspress.
5. Send letters to our state legislators.
6. If you can help with computer, letters, speaking, anything you think of, also post that information here under comments as well.
7. Be a phone contact to call 9 neighbors when we need to relay important information to everyone.
8. Be a phone contact for people who do not have computer access? You could then post their comments, if they would like for you to do that.

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9 Responses to Attend mtgs, report, transportation, etc.

  1. Hello. May know of my experience with OSU. I was in the neighborhood that was taken this time last year by OSU. I created as a place to keep my notes, thoughts, and comments.

    I would be willing to do what ever you need or want. It is too late for me, but hopefully we can make a difference for my ex-neighbors.

    I have attended several of the regents meetings and would be happy to let people ride with me. I can easily fit 5 or 6 in my van.
    I have already spoken with our representatives on the local, state, and federal level both in relation to my case and the future ones, but I would be willing to do what ever else is needed or wanted.

    Lastly, I would love for us to organize a protest at both a football and a basketball game that will get national TV coverage. Surely we can get a good turn out at the next telivised event…

  2. Judy White says:

    I must say that I’m proud of the eloquence expressed by so many who are sensitive to the culture of Stillwater. A corporate culture has replaced the academic culture at OSU and the values exhibited by piratical administrators and donors are not the values that have supported the community standards here. I apologize for not speaking up when the rumors started concerning the land acquisition for the transportation and parking structure. I thought they were to be built on land occuppied by the parking lot immediately north of the football stadium. I will pay more attention. I will speak out and write letters and do what I can.

    Mr. Pickens is scheduled to deliver the Fall Commencement address at OSU in a little over a week. Perhaps yard signs and bill boards on the property we still own can serve as a reminder that we have a voice.

  3. Dr. Ted Douglas says:

    How much did he have to pay to do that? Won’t that be a special moment for those graduating? If they don’t care then their commencement will have scattered boos. If they do care (as some of them surely will live in the area) then they get to remember that the corporate and now collegiate raider delivered their commencement address much to their dismay. This University has lost its mind!

  4. Marion Agnew says:

    This is inconceivable. Does anyone else feel kicked in the stomach — or perhaps slapped in the face?

  5. Dr. Ted Douglas says:

    Are there any organized protests planned for Boonie’s speech? Not that it would matter, because he doesn’t care what we think, but how about this. A planned, organized protest this weekend Dec 9 & 10 focused around the athletic complex when OSU brings in a large group of it’s top recruits! Maybe if you strike at the heart of the monster you can cause it to rethink its plan. I know time is short but they have a huge recruiting weekend planned, lets figure out some way to disrupt it, at least have a plan to disrupt it and maybe they’ll come to the table to try to stop it.

  6. Marion Agnew says:

    This is just my opinion: It’s not fair to the graduating students to demonstrate at their ceremony, regardless of the Administration’s lack of taste in inviting Pickens to speak. However, if the students themselves or faculty organize something, that’s different. It’s their ceremony; it’s their decision.

    If people want to do something and energy is limited, a positive demonstration would feel better. At least that’s how it seems from 1200 miles away.

    What about a quiet ceremony recognizing that this could well be the last Christmas (or other winter holiday) that affected people will spend in their homes? Make it something that’s meaningful for the people who live there. Maybe light candles, and go outside at dusk to sing Christmas carols and the alma mater. Then go somewhere for cider and cookies.

    Or, if there isn’t enough interest for a neighborhood demonstration, someone could take pictures of the Christmas lights on the houses and be sure residents get pictures of their homes.

    In times of uncertainty — and this time certainly qualifies — honoring what was, and showing respect for what is, are helpful ways to prepare for whatever future lies ahead.

  7. Michael says:

    I am grad student in a master’s program at the other state university in Oklahoma. I had planned on going on to complete my doctoral studies at OSU but am seriously reconsidering now because of the current controversy and all of the publicity surrounding it. This is a PR nightmare for OSU. Surely the administratioin realizes the negative effects something like is already having and will continue to have. T Boone is out of control and his wreckless corporate techniques of throwing around money to get what he wants have no place in an institution of higher learning. As you might have guessed, I’m studying Higher Education Administration and I can tell you that what is happening at OSU right now will have negative effects on it’s enrollment, image, and ability to attract quality students and professors for years to come. I haven’t made up my mind completely, but more than likely this situation has caused me to re-think where I will pursue further education. At least I’m lucky enough to see all of this stuff before I committ another 4 years of my life, time, resources, and education to a University that is being held hostage by a wealthy oil tycoon.

  8. Marion Agnew says:

    Michael, please let someone — like the graduate school, President Schmidly, and (most important) the Regents — know of the effect of this situation on your educational plans. If the Regents don’t hear from you and people like you, they will think everything’s fine.

    It’s particularly interesting that you’re studying Higher Ed Aministration and see the situation in this light. OSU runs a real risk of becoming a negative case study in one of your textbooks.

    Part of what makes this situation difficult is the sense that “this isn’t OUR OSU, the one we’ve known all these years.” But this action does show a change in OSU’s character and priorities. By opposing the land acquisition, we’re trying halt that change and prevent OSU’s reputation from eroding further.

    Don’t give up on OSU yet — there’s still time for either the Administration or the Regents to do the right thing.

  9. Lee Agnew says:

    I’m looking at the OSU Commencement web site ( and it looks like there are three events: Graduate College Commencement on Friday night, and a morning and an afternoon sesssion for the undergraduates on Saturday, all taking place in Gallagher/Iba. Is Pickens speaking at all three? Or just one?

    I agree with Marion in that anything happening at the ceremony should be initiated by students/faculty, but a dignified vigil across the street by concerned citizens would not be inappropriate, if people are willing and the weather isn’t too bad. Wish I could say “I’ll be there with my guitar,” but I’ve got previous family commitments, especially Friday night.

    If anybody would be interested in a benefit concert, or community-awareness event sometime in January, I could definitely make it up for that, and maybe help round up some artists too.

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