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  1. Concerned citizen says:

    I have a very simple question. Hall of Fame has been closed for more than a year now. I would like to know under what City Code, or regulation is the street closed?

    Here is the Stillwater Code on closing a street. According to this section a permit is needed before any street closing and fees need to be paid. According to Stillwater City Code, only the City can close a street. OSU closed Hall of Fame without the permission of the City of Stillwater and without a permit. How can OSU violate City Codes and disrupt the traffic patterns in Stillwater for more than a year without going through the proper channels? I understand that OSU wants to keep Hall of Fame closed for at least 3 years or until the stadium is completed. It may be much longer than that because they do not have the money to complete the stadium. Here is the Stillwater City Code on closing street:

    Sec. 27-57. Permits and fees.

    (a) It is unlawful for any person to cut, alter, mutilate, or change in any manner for any purpose any paved or traveled portion of any street or alley, or any curb, gutter, catch basin, or any other appurtenance of any street or alley or any sidewalk in the city or in any way change any existing right-of-way without a permit from the engineering division of the department of operations.

    (b) No person shall receive a permit from the engineering division of the department of operations without having paid to the director of finance a fee in an amount which shall be set by the commission pursuant to resolution.

    (c) Whenever it is necessary to cut or remove any pavement, walk, drive, or curb and gutter, or excavate in any roadway for purposes of utility cuts, a separate permit shall be required for each cut made, which amount shall be set by the commission pursuant to resolution.

    (d) Additional permit fees, in an amount which shall be set by the commission pursuant to resolution, shall be paid to the city for construction of sidewalks and driveways by the authorized persons performing the work at the time the base permit is issued.

    (e) Final nuclear density testing of soil for projects constructed within public rights-of-way and easements shall be conducted by the city and the testing fee, which shall be set by the commission pursuant to resolution, shall be paid by the project contractor.

    (f) No permits shall be issued to any contractor who shall fall, neglect, or refuse to correct defective work.

    (g) The provisions of this section shall not apply to employees of the city or a duly organized special assessment district when performing work in the course of their authorized employment.

    (Code 1966, §§ 19-20(b), 19-21; Ord. No. 2441, §§ 1–6, 8-17-92)

    Sec. 27-58. Closing of streets and restricting traffic.

    When sidewalks, curbing, guttering, draining, paving, or other street or alley improvements are in course of construction in any street or alley or any public place or highway in the city, the engineering division of the department of operations shall have authority to close such street, alley, or other public place against traffic or travel of every character, pedestrian included, for such time as the division shall deem necessary for the proper protection of the public and security of the improvements. In such event, traffic may be entirely restricted or limited to definite classes. The portion of such street, alley, or other place to be closed shall be barricaded at the limits in such manner as to indicate to the public that the same is closed, and place cards or signs shall be erected at each limit stating that such street or alley is closed. The erection of such barricades and signs, by order of the engineering division of the department of operations, shall be deemed sufficient notice to the public.

    (Code 1966, § 19-23(a))
    City of Stillwater Code website:

  2. Marion Agnew says:

    According to the mayor’s statement, made at the Friday meeting at Langston (available in a .pdf at, the City “acquiesced” to a temporary closing “in the spirit of cooperation.” So I think it’s closed under the “well, OK, but just this once and just for a little while” regulation.

    The same statement says that Hall of Fame must be re-opened as soon as the stadium improvements (the north side) are completed and if any future closings are required, they must be brought to the City for “consideration and approval.” Also, the City “will vigorously oppose any effort to permanently close Hall of Fame.”

    The rest of the statement seems to indicate that OSU has a history of deciding whatever it wants and telling the city later. Therefore, the City’s threat of “vigorous opposition” probably isn’t of particular concern at OSU, and the OSU Administration will likely ignore the request that it submit any future closings for “consideration and approval” if they feel like it.

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