Sign up to help! *(Also see summary of Dec. 20 meeting under the topic “Meeting Summaries”). Are you willing to work on a committee to:

  1. Do research on how street closings, revenue tax loss and the loss of utility payments effect citizens, schools, fire department, etc. in the City of Stillwater
  2. Be a part of a coalition for the City of Stillwater residents?
  3. Be willing to work with faculty and students of OSU regarding their concerns?
  4. Could you make phone calls, help circulate a petition work on publicity through media sources?
  5. Write letters to Board of Regents, Legislators, editors in Stillwater and around the state, and to the City of Stillwater?
  6. Research OSU Foundation, its funding and policies?
  7. Research alternative sites for location of the Athletic Village?
  8. Gather information regarding homeowners, rental property owners, offers given for property, manner in which such transactions have been handled and the satisfaction of property owners in the transactions, as well as OSU acquisitions to date?
  9. Draft a moratorium for the City and State regarding eminent domain parameters?
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6 Responses to SIGN UP TO HELP

  1. Tamara Colbert Maschino says:

    Thanks for posting the requests for a contact for seniors living in the proposed acquisition area, it is imperative that these senior citizens receive the help they so desperately deserve. This is becoming even more of a necessity with the unbelievable lowball figures these folks are getting back on their OSU appraisals. Many of these seniors and other property owners are not aware of the new 2006 Payne County Tax Assessments and OSU is not using these new figures, only the old assessments which is cheating these folks out of the money they would need to purchase another home to live in. We need to stick together and help each other out, I do not understand why OSU does not take the high road and pay these folks properly. Schmidly says the location of the athletic village is “non-negotiable” Well perhaps we need to tell OSU that their cost cutting approach that is harming Stillwater’s long time residents is “non-approvable” and they need to send it back the table and rework the numbers to help our neighbors out.

    People are still being told that they must have appraisals by March and then be out by June, what is going on here? Are we going to allow this kind of intimidation of homeowners? Is OSU an institution of higher learning or is it in the business of cut throat take over property acquistion?

  2. Trude Coonrad Naff says:

    As all property owners have, I’ve thought about OSU’s determination to take certain property from its owners since this invasion began, and I’ve come to the same conclusion as OSU — it doesn’t matter how much the 2006 Payne County tax assessments are. OSU has not, and apparently will not, deal with property owners in good faith. The fact of the matter is simple: OSU wants the property it has designated as the future “Athletic Village.” That being the case, the property should not be purchased at “fair market value,” but at a price for which PRIME property would sell. I’ve approached this with the knowledge that our structures are being “appraised” when, in fact, it is not the structures the OSU Foundation is after…IT’S THE PROPERTY on which the structures sit. How much is that real estate worth? I think quite a bit to Boone Pickens…

  3. Tamara Colbert Maschino says:

    Trude, you are absolutely correct. As my family and I have been discussing with our neighbors, it is the real estate law of location, location, location. And in that regards it is Prime Real Estate. In a normal real estate situation, these centrally located, close in, properties would escalate in value. These type of neighborhoods are usually revitalized and become desired because of location and the charm of older homes. In this instance, that is not being realized because of OSU’s immense greed and lack of respect for the Stillwater homeowners. These properties should be worth far more for these reasons, and even more for being the property that Boone Pickens wants so dearly. We are deeply upset with OSU for the abrupt manner it announced this project and the insult added by short changing these homeowners and property owners by offering a pittance for their properties. Shame on OSU.

  4. jonah.N says:

    Mrs. Colbert-Maschino, As a Stillwater resident I know how helpless you
    must feel right now,as well as the other residents,but i do have some advice.

    What you and the other property owners who live in the effected area should
    do is to band together and simply refuse to “sell” your property to the university,
    but from what i’ve heard the eminent domain law is on the verge of being
    rewritten right now,so i’m thinking that the university AKA “president”
    schmidly wants to to get the property asap before the new E.D law is
    rewritten and passed in the state house. Best of luck to you

  5. Tamara Colbert Maschino says:

    Thank you for your kind words. This has been a very trying and stressful time for our mother who does not deserve to have this happen to her at this time in her life. This is horrible for anyone living in this area or owning property here, it is like a nightmare that does not go away. It is harming our community of Stillwater and creating an incredible backlash for OSU. No one is winning at this situation, we are all losing and it is so unnecessary. We are worried about the seniors living here that are giving up everything, at their ages, security is the most important thing. That sense of security comes from their homes and family, and they are having the rug pulled out from under them. We are worried that the legacy will be ill health from the stress, financial hardships and loss of community. How much can these seniors take?

  6. Dr. Ted Douglas says:

    An excellent idea. Think about the publicity “University files 266 condemnation lawsuits, Completely shuts down Payne County Legal System” That truly would be the best way to combat OSU at this point. Quit talking, quit ordering appraisals, quit everything and sit back and watch them squirm. A PR nightmare!!!!!!!!! Let’s Do IT!

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