Schools, Housing, NCAA

1. Have you examined the financial impact of a prospective take-over upon the Stillwater Public Schools?
2. Is there any concern for the students being forced from low-cost housing to higher-cost housing?
3. Is it not a violation of NCAA rules to treat athletes differently than other students?
Jane & Jan Carlson

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  1. Ann Williams says:

    After reading the article in the Stillwater Newspress yesterday, I did not understand the numbers given in the paper regarding tax revenue loss. I had numbers given by the county assessor in the past and they just did not correlate with what was given to the school board as reported in the Newpress. So, I called the county assessor this morning. Same numbers as before: Loss to schools annually as $193,000.00 (Stillwater public schools and Vo-Tech combined. However, perhaps the reason for this confusion is that nobody has talked to the county assessor regarding the effect of OSU expansion upon the city of Stillwater.

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