Quick report on Bd. of Regents Mtg.

Ann’s view:

I went to the buses before I drove to Langston. An OSU “official” told me at the transportation center, that OSU had a bus in the Christmas parade last night and it was “booed”. The individual felt it was an indication of the hostility currently present in Stillwater against OSU.

We did not have a full bus load to go to the meeting. Several did, however, take their own cars. They had planned for a much larger crowd than actually came. The meeting was moved from Scholar’s Inn Clubhouse to the gym to handle the discussion of the Master Plan segment of the meeting. One hour was allowed for comments. Actually, they let us go over that time by 15 minutes or so.

Many good comments were presented. Bud Lacy, city mayor, did give a good list of concerns, as he was the first to comment. Each individual who spoke was given 3 minutes to voice their concerns.

The faculty and students made an excellent presentation, as well as several others. Most all the comments were directed at requesting stopping the acquistion; or to holding off on the expansion plan in order to allow further input from the city, concerned citizens, faculty, students, homeowners, etc.

Most of the presentations were directed toward concerns presented at our many meetings, postings on this website, letters to editors and other articles. Therefore, I feel no need to reiterate them here.

A woman from Tulsa stated her support for the Village, as presented in the Master Plan. The president (or Veep…not sure about this) of Stillwater National Bank in Stillwater, spoke in favor of the Plan as it has been presented.

I felt the regents listened to the discussion quite attentively and many seemed to note points made. Did we accomplish our “goal”? I have no idea. There is still work to be done……IF you want to accomplish stopping or holding off on the Plan until it can be further discussed.

Ray Wall will help with organization of a plan to continue, if that is the desire of concerned citizens of Stillwater and of property owners in the area. We should be able to judge the intensity of desire by attendance at another meeting. If the turn out today was an indication, it may have appeared that the number concerned is minimal.

We are all very tired of meetings! We are especially tired of meetings in which we feel we do not get answers, only more questions. I know that several have lost much sleep working toward the goal and/or worrying about the affects of the Plan on our City and on our lives. Are we beaten? Are we willing to keep up the fight? Only you have the answer to that. What is the consenses? It’s up to YOU!

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  1. Marion Agnew says:

    If the Stillwater banking community member was truly from SNB, I’m going to be moving my account and I’ll encourage my father to move his, too. Anyone with that poor a grasp of what constitutes “good business” and such a narrow idea of is good for the community shouldn’t be handling my money.

    And notice that the other person speaking in support was from Tulsa. Wait till OSU-Tulsa decides it will take her home. See if she has another opinion at that time.

    It’s been a lot of work to gear up for today’s meeting. Pat yourselves on the back for a job well done, rest up during the weekend — but please, nobody decide that anything is “inevitable” while you’re tired.

    Concerned citizens spoke today and were heard. That’s a great accomplishment! Well done!!

  2. Dr. Ted Douglas says:

    We are hamstrung right now! The City of Stillwater has no effect defense because our Mayor is an employee of the university. I know that Mayor Lacy has stated that he is tenured, so he can speak his mind. But look at it like this: Pres Schmidley gets a call from one of his accounting professors wanting to meet with him about city business. It’s human nature that Schmidley will not look at Lacy as his equal. Stillwater would be better off if Lacy resigned and Kennedy stepped in as Mayor. Then she could establish equal footing with Schmidley. OSU has what 18,000 local students and the city has 42,000 people. Granted a majority of those people have connections with OSU, but the tail is wagging the dog and it needs to stop. Mayor Lacy, RESIGN for the good of the city.

  3. Lynda Halley says:

    Ann, as I have said to you personally, thank you, thank you, to you and your daughter for establishing this website and constantly updating and reorganizing it to provide the best info we can find, generate and provide. Without this forum, we would not have had over 200 people at the City’s meeting last Tuesday, 70 people at the Wednesday night meeting, and approximately 100+ at the Bd. of Regents’ meeting today, Dec. 2nd.

    I actually thought the turnout was pretty good considering these facts:
    • People may have thought the discussion of the Master Plan was cancelled altogether when the Regents moved the VOTE to January, in Muskogee.
    • The location of the meeting had been announced as Scholar’s Inn Clubhouse, Langston U campus for at least two-and-a-half weeks. Only by virtue of viewing the Regents’ meeting agenda, posted with only 24 hours notice, would anyone have known that the Scholar’s Inn would be a congregating location only; people were directed at 10am to cross campus to the LU’s basketball arena.
    • My carload luckily followed the bus from OSU into campus or we would have never found either the “Clubhouse” nor the athletic facility where the meeting actually occurred! We sure didn’t see ANY signs!

    Once again, poor communication.

    Marion, the banking executive speaking today was indeed Rex Horning, President of Stillwater National Bank and current Chairman of the Stillwater Foundation for Progress. You won’t find Mr. Horning’s name (or any administration or staff of SNB at their website) but you can read more about this ‘foundation’ at the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce site and this specific page: http://www.stillwaterchamber.org/general.asp?id=474.

    It’s something we should explore further.

    Back to Ann… you know I’m ready and willing to continue to work with this group to provide OSU with an alternate (and superior) way to achieve their goals. Let’s go!

  4. J. Stuart Jackson, MD says:

    I grew up in Stillwater and went to College (Biochem, 1983) at OSU. This plan is the worst idea I have ever heard of; and after living in Texas for over ten years I’ve heard (and unfortunately invested in) some whoppers. If I was the Stillwater Mayor I would figure out what city services OSU consumes (sewer probably, power maybe) and start passing city ordinances defining vastly higher utility rates for certain customers; namely OSU. That way they can start salting away some cash that will be needed when OSU annexes away a huge chunk of the city tax base, and when they have to rebuild the east-west corridors in Stillwater. Good luck to you guys back home in Stillwater fighting this thing.

  5. http://www.osuf.org/leaders.htm

    That page will explain why Mr Horning spoke in favor of the plan. He is in the leadership of the foundation.

    I have sent mail asking him to explain why he and SNB is in favor of this plan. We will give them until the middle of next week to get back to us. IF I get an answer I will post it here.

    As OSU seizes your homes I strongly recommend not getting your new mortgage from them…

  6. Tamara Colbert Maschino says:

    Perhaps we should send a letter as a group to all board members of the foundation, I noticed that many members were local and former citizens of Stillwater. Ask them what they were possibly thinking with this land grab and ask how they plan to remedy the situation.

  7. I have a meeting with Mr. Horning latter this week and will pass along any comments or questions. He stressed he was not speaking as an employee of SNB but as a citizen of Stillwater. Since he is one of the people writing the checks, I plan (in the absence of any other agenda) to focus on the negative aspects of this plan as a member of the community at large.

  8. The wife and I met with Mr. Horning and the results were about what I expected. He stated he is just speaking on his own behalf and not as the SNB president when he says that he is fully behind the taking of the houses for the annex. His argument is the same one everyone who is for it has said: that the possibility that OSU will benefit from expanded recruitment possibilities justifies the taking of the homes because in the long run it will benefit more people in the city than will be hurt.

    We tried to explain that:
    1) There is no hard proof that it will benefit the University
    2) You can not guarantee that the benefit to the University will bleed over to the city
    3) Even if you could prove a direct economic impact to the positive, you will have a sustained period of distrust that will hamper economic development anywhere around OSU.
    4) Regardless of any benefit you see, the eroding of our rights as Americans should not be sold so easily.

    We did not make our point, and he did not sell us to his.
    For this reason, we will be pulling our money from SNB. This is a pretty difficult choice, because one of their employees was the one who was able to broker a deal for us to have 1 week to move out instead of the original order which was to move out before OSU paid us anything. We have also been with SNB for many years and have had no real problems and even got 2 or 3 loans from them over the years.

    He pointed out that since his views do not represent the banks it was a little like striking blindly at anyone just because you were hurt. This might be a bit true and gave me pause. What my wife and I finally put our finger on is that he might not control the operations of the entire bank but he does wield quite a bit of power in their name as President of Stillwater operations. If he is willing to gamble peoples lives and homes on the as yet unproven idea that we will reap some gain at some point in the future, what is he willing to gamble in the operations of the largest segment of the SNB “empire”?

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