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Print the petition, sign, take it to your neighbors, friends, relatives and even strangers to sign. If you want to collect signatures by standing in a public area, you can do that. Print as many copies as you need. If you do not live in Stillwater, you can print the petition, sign, and get other signatures, preferably, OSU alumni, too. Send the signed petitions to CCOSU, 847 W. Eskridge Ave., Stillwater, OK. 74075 or fax to (405) 377-4823.

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  1. Dr. Ted Douglas says:

    Very interesting, though it won’t be effective. But what about the possiblity of a public referendum calling for a statewide vote to stop this? Given that a majority of Oklahomans are fans of the University of Oklahoma I would think that a referendum would pass and put a stop to this needless aquisition.

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