OSU fund raiser idea

I have a great idea for a fund raiser for OSU. Why not have everyone who complains about the whining property owners try this. Sell your home to the University. If you don’t think it is close enough to campus, do it anyway. Maybe they’ll put a satelite school on your property. Wouldn’t that be great.

OR, sell your house or your business. Give OSU half the sale price. Then relocate. That’s about what the homeowners in the area are doing. THEN, you can say, look, I did the same as you did in selling your house/business, “voluntarily”, and it’s no big deal. And it would REALLY BE voluntarily for you.

Note: There are 35 homes in Stillwater currently on the market for less than $100,000.00. There are more homeowners in the acquisition area than that. People who have looked for housing in OKC said real estate prices were less there than in Stillwater.

AND the amount calculated for the academics includes parking garages and lots.

Who do you think has paid for the streets that OSU will be closing? Stillwater taxpayers! Who will pay for new streets in Stillwater in order to be able to drive across town? Stillwater taxpayers. Who do you think will make up the tax revenue loss to schools, etc? Stillwater taxpayers. Moving Washington 1/2 block (at 6th street) and deleting several businesses and a frat house….so we have a view of the library? Makes sense to you, I am sure.

OSU has 2400+ acres of property to which they hold deeds. They DO have other property on which this lovely athletic could be built. AND I am a tremendous OSU sports fan. Even when they lose.

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  1. Leonard G. Herron III says:

    I agree. OSU could place this thing on the old golf course site. Open with a huge parking lot for football traffic just north of McElory. Put in a monorail system around the entire campus with a separate car for the football team. They could develop a backdoor controlled access form Knapp and the President could have private access from the Presidents home. My objection is that there appears to have been little or no discussion about any alternative locations and designs and on overall cost benefit analysis to the entire Stillwater community of any of the plans.

  2. The same thing happened when we were kicked out. We had the real estate agent pull a masterlisting of all the properties that were under $115,000. Of them only 1 had as many square feet as ours and it was built around 1910 and was just outside of Perkins. That was it. Most houses around 2,000 sq ft are around 200,000…. You really think OSU is going to be offering this amount?

    We had several people in the paper tell us we were getting such a good deal. I kept wanting to ask people if they will give us their home in exchange. I wounder how many will offer theirs to these people this time around?

  3. Lee Agnew says:

    Leonard, putting “this thing” on the old golf course site (intramural field, right?) would be preferable to razing a 400+ homes… but it would certainly have an impact, probably negative, on the Washington Heights area.

    A better question is, why build “this thing” (on this scale, at least) anyway? Will demographic trends in the potential student population justify this kind of investment in athletics?

    Not to toot my family’s horn too much, but I’d be interested in some more followup on this issue. The numbers my sister Marion used in her study are all public information, and figuring out the implications requires no special training. If academic experts in these areas can come up with contradictory information, we both would be interested in seeing it.

  4. Leonard G. Herron III says:

    A cost benefit analysis needs to be developed before they do any of this. OSU could end up with a white elephant that could cripple the ability to compete in both athletics and academics. The planning process for OSU needs to be restarted and adequately include all elements of the Stillwater community.

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