OSU canal plan concerns merchants

Washington Street would become a gateway to OSU off State Highway 51, according to Benham, the university master plan consultants. If businesses on the west side could move back half a block, the Edmon Low Library would be more visible, the consultants noted.

Excerpt from “OSU canal plan concerns merchants,” By Chad Previch and Tony Thornton, The Oklahoman

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2 Responses to OSU canal plan concerns merchants

  1. Leonard G. Herron III says:

    OSU is totally losing it! They need to start allover and include equal representation from the City of Stillwater and the citizens of Oklahoma in this planning process. Cost benefit analysis impacts needs to be calculated for all potential developments of all proposed off campus developments for Stillwater and Oklohoma. Alternative locations and designs should be considered. I am conserned that this new Master Plan will get less than half implemented, OSU will run out of funds leaving a total mess for the taxpayers of the State of Oklahoma.

  2. Lee Agnew says:

    It’s too bad that Bill’s Italian Restaurant is gone. It could have been the “hub” for our own “Little Italy”… the “Venice of the Plains.” I can see it now, the canal at sunset: T. Boone, reclining in a gondola while Schmidly feeds him grapes, with Bud Lacy standing in the stern wielding his gondolier’s pole and singing “O Sole Mio.”

    Boone State should have a field day with this one.

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