OSU Buying up 100 acres – Nov 10, 2005

“Bill and Emma Adler have lived in their home at 111 N. Hester for 48 years. They purchased the home in 1957 when the home was relatively new, according to Bill, who’s 90 years old.”

Stillwater Journal - OSU buying 100 acres, Nov 10, 2005
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One Response to OSU Buying up 100 acres – Nov 10, 2005

  1. Marion Agnew says:

    OSU is happily threatening long-term residents with “eminent domain” to build nice dorms for athletes? Athletes? Since when was it the goal of OSU to become OU, or (even worse) some two-bit Texas university?

    When you interview OSU graduates, which is more important to them — that exciting football game against Who Cares University or that teacher — you know the one — who encouraged and tutored them and kept them in school so that they could become a community leader 20 years later?

    Education depends far less on bricks and mortar than it does on vision and passion. This land grab represents vision and passion, all right, but it’s not a vision worthy of Oklahoma State University.

    Show some backbone and a worthy goal, OSU. Then those “life changes” you’re inflicting on your longtime friends, neighbors, and supporters might be more tolerable.

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