OSU Board of Governors

The link to the Board of Governors list is:


The Stillwater members include:

Mrs. Malinda Berry Fischer *IS NO LONGER Chairman of the Board

Dr. Jonathan E. Drummond, Opthalmologist
Drummond Eye Clinic

Mr. Jack A. Griffith, Retired CEO
Griffith Petroleum

Dr. James E. Halligan, Retired President
Oklahoma State University

Mr. Rex E. Horning, President
Stillwater National Bank

Dr. Brett H. Jameson, Orthopedic Surgeon
Central States Orthopedic Specialists

Dr. Robert Kamm
(listed as living in Stillwater but as he was my neighbor, I know this is no longer true)

Mrs. Peggy McCormick, Retired Family Therapist
Recovery Plus

Mr. Ken Starks, President

Mrs. Patsy W. Sutton

Mr. Russell W. Teubner, CEO
HostBridge Technology

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