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Residents to address regents about master plan – Shannon Muchmore, Chief Reporter

Master plan opposition to appeal to regents – Shannon Muchmore, Chief Reporter

OSU waits to present Campus Master Plan, The presentation of the master plan to the regents has been postponed until January – Shannon Muchmore, Chief Reporter

Commissioners concerned about master plan – Shannon Muchmore, Chief Reporter

OSU to make property offers by March – Shannon Muchmore, Chief Reporter

Property owners speak up about Campus Master Plan – Shannon Muchmore, Chief Reporter

Residents upset over Campus Master Plan – Shannon Muchmore, Chief Reporter

Campus future discussion open to students, faculty – Shannon Muchmore, Chief Reporter

OSU, city officials discuss future of the Strip – Shannon Muchmore, Chief Reporter

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  1. David Demezas says:

    Today’s O’colly printed Darcy’s and others comments made at the recent regent’s meeting. See page 11 of the following: http://www.ocolly.com/todays_pdf/newspaper.pdf

    PS – the O’colly has had numerous editorials/stories that are interesting reading.

  2. Lee Agnew says:

    Did somebody archive that file from 12/7, and could the page be copied-and-pasted on the site someplace? The URL above links to “today’s” paper evidently… in this case, 12/9.

  3. David Demezas says:

    Currently you may find the “advertisement” titled “Let’s Do the Right Thing” at the following URL:


    Again this ad provides the text of Bob Darcy, Chair of General Faculty, Hank Welliver, SAC Chair, Kara Cook, SGA Senate Chair, Elise Vega, SGA Executive, Wendy James, GPSGA Executive, and Tom Phillips, Vice Chair of General Faculty, presentations to the recent regent’s meeting held in Langston

  4. Leonard G. Herron III says:

    Right-on to the Sustainable Development folks, I have spent the last twenty-eight years of my life working in Councils of Governments in three states doing planning and economic and community development work, the last twenty-two in Enid. I spent the first twenty-four years of my life in a neighborhood north of OSU now slatted to be demolished. As a OSU Geography student I remember working with the City of Stillwater on bicycle route planning, park planning, conducting stratified random samples of Stillwater and mapping the results. I find it hard to believe that the OSU administration hasn’t taken advantage of the vast resources of the University to develop a workable plan for OSU that includes adequate input for Stillwater and the State of Oklahoma. After all isn’t OSU “the University of Oklahoma.” The way this proposed new Master Plan has been developed and sprung on the Greater OSU and Stillwater community has caused nothing but mistrust, distain, and division.

    OSU needs to totally backup and start all over. If they are looking even long range at property now off campus they need to assist with development of neighborhood associations to work with them along with the City of Stillwater. They need to find out for sure how much is rental, commercial, elderly property owners, etc. What forced relocation will do to some of these people and what is equitable not just currently legal. Not giving opportunity for citizen input and trampling upon people is not the way to build the broad based support that will be needed to reach a sustainable vision for OSU or Stillwater. Having $30 million is short $10 million if it is $40 million and this really isn’t equitable if one looks at in terms of replacement costs for elderly homeowners or retirement income property for others and people losing there jobs and businesses. If it takes another $40 million to develop the athletic village, then doesn’t that cost OSU at least another $50 million to get the $30 million. Something is very wrong with the current picture.

    Leonard G. Herron III Class of 1975.

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