Nov. 17 Homeowner/Univ. Mtg.

Basically, the meeting tonight was a repeat of last night. After a brief introductionby Gary Clark, the Pres./presenter from Cinnabar explained the process of appraisal/acquisition. And, yes, the Pres./presenter IS Bob Parmele (not Kirk Roberts.)

Last night seventy people set a date and signed to have their homes appraised by Cinnabar.

There were a few things that I heard tonight that may have been said last night and I did not note them:

1. The Foundation will pay for moving expenses, according to the guidelines of Okla. Department of Transportation (I think that is who they said compiled the guidelines).
2. The homeowner may remove anything they want from the house.
3. The homeowner may accept payment of offer and then, if they care to, take the house and have it moved to another location. (Moving the house would, of course be at the homeowner’s expense).

Mr. Clark said there are 330 parcels of land included in the area of acquisition. Forty parcels have contracts, with 274 remaining. According to my calculations, there must be 16 parcels in ? category. (Due to the fact that I think 40 + 274 = 314 rather than 330.)

Mr. Clark said he had visited this site and found some misinformation. I told him that I would truly appreciate his letting me know about the inaccuracies, as I want this site to be a factual as possible.

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2 Responses to Nov. 17 Homeowner/Univ. Mtg.

  1. Russell says:

    Has Mr. Clark informed you of the inaccuracies yet?

  2. doug emde says:

    Hello to all on the website. I’ve had a couple of conversations with Gary Clark and while I think he is still holding his cards close to his chest, he is being honest with everyone. I don’t think that he was aware of how Cinnabar would operate and I think that he is trying his best to react to a bad first impression. While a lot of folks at OSU deserve plenty of blame and I know that I don’t believe everything they say, I do think Gary Clark can be trusted. One caveat, he seems like a good negotiator and he is trying to acquire the properties without going overboard from the start. So my opinion is trust him, but twist his arm to get the best deal he can give.

    Good website, it looks like a lot of folks are viewing and it looks like a lot of good information.

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