Nov. 16 Homeowner/univ. meeting

For those who did not attend this meeting, I will try to summarize it as I saw it. We were told at the November 10 meeting that the meetings on the 16th & 17th were the time to have our questions answered. Gary Clark, head of the OSU Foundation, talked for a few minutes and told us we could not ask questions during his general presentation and that we were not there to talk about the Master Plan, as that was done in the Nov. 10 meeting.

Gary said that the OSU Foundation had “limited” funds with which to “acquire” properties with “voluntary” acquisitions. He said we would break into 14 groups and meet with Cinnabar reps to ask questions. He then introduced *Kirk Roberts, pres. of Cinnabar, who explained just how the “appraisal”, and “voluntary” acquisitions would work. He told us to sign up to have an appraisal done on our property. Appraisal would be what the property would sell for on the open market, NOT replacement value.

Acquisitions will be completed by June 1, 2006, but can possibly be extended, if the property is not needed right now. Properties South and East from Washington and McElroy will be needed first.

After appraisal is done, they will give the property owner an offer in person, or it can be mailed. Property owner can counter in writing. Property Owner can also have their own appraiser and present that appraisal to Cinnabar, if the appraisal is “reasonable”. Appraisals are to be completed by March 1, 2006.

He also stated that each owner could okay a part sale/part “gift” to the university. He said that moving expenses could be paid by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation.

* I thought Mr. Clark introduced the Cinnabar representative as Kirk Roberts, but the Stillwater Newpress said Bob Parmele, Jr. was president of Cinnabar & the presenter. I am sure the Newpress talked to the presenter and reported it accurately. (Sorry about that)

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4 Responses to Nov. 16 Homeowner/univ. meeting

  1. Anon. says:

    Sounds a bit like railroading. Has this plan been officially approved? Is the open market price based on the value before or after the plan was made public?

  2. mary johnson says:

    sounds like the people are just going to roll over and play dead. How about hiring some top lawyers from Texas??

  3. Trude Coonrad Naff says:

    I’m not sure why Mary would think people are just going to roll over and play dead.

  4. Marion Agnew says:

    What about a civil class action lawsuit against OSU on behalf of the property owners to reclaim damages to real estate values caused by the irresponsible release of information and the threat of exercising eminent domain?

    The editorial cartoon that talks about property (de)values is funny, but in the “not really” way. These people, my father among them, and the City of Stillwater have experienced permanent damages from OSU’s behavior in this matter, even if the expansion plan is halted now.

    We always thought it was a good thing to own property near OSU. Now no one who does — even the campus-related church buildings (like the Wesley Foundation) and Greek houses — has a safe investment. OSU could decide, at any time, that it “needs” a new track, and boom! There goes The Strip, or even Eskimo Joe’s.

    Just filing a lawsuit before the Regents meeting would certainly show resolve on the part of the City (if they would be a party to it) and the property owners, and it would produce media attention that might show the Regents that they should reconsider accepting this plan and this gift.

    Is anyone’s lawyer working this weekend?

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