Nov 10, 2005

“The university issued a press release about its purchase of 100 acres of homes north of the campus to build a big athletic village.

“It said the university has some “very successful athletic programs” and this expansion will improve its ability to compete. Which brought to mind the massive remodeled football stadium and how it helped the Cowboys’ current record.” -GG

Stillwater Journal - O-State's Stadium, Nov 10, 2005
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2 Responses to Nov 10, 2005

  1. Don Hutchison says:

    I don’t see OU grabing 100 acres of Norman for athletics and they seem to be doing OK.

  2. Marion Agnew says:

    As any Chicago Cubs fan will tell you, teams don’t even have to win to inspire loyalty.

    I’m not knocking athletics — I was a student-athlete and competed at the national level for small colleges — but let’s not confuse entertainment with education.

    If OSU sports teams never win another contest, OSU alums have plenty of worthwhile achievements to be proud of. This Boone-doggle isn’t one of them.

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