N. Wash. Homewowner Mtg. 11/14/05

Topics of Concern (at 11/14/05 Mtg.) Held at Hillcrest Baptist Church
(MANY attended)


  1. Attend regents meeting en masse on Dec. 2
  2. Contact Board of Regents, Chancellor of Higher Ed, and local, state & federal legislators en masse
  3. Draft a petition of concern before Dec. 2 Regents meeting
  4. Have Robert Maurizzi give & expand his experiences in this area tonight
  5. Regents, Legislators who forward names – soft belly
  6. Solicit spokesperson or lawyer to speak on our behalf


  1. Can we lobby regents? If not, who appoints the regents?
  2. Can we lobby who appoints the regents?
  3. Find out time-table to confiscate property
  4. Get an attorney now
  5. Get in writing what OSU plans to do
  6. Identify who is the leader
  7. Lean on City
  8. Stop OSU from going north of McElroy
  9. What about intramural field?
  10. What can we do to help our neighbors among the 410 properties Duck -Eskridge Ave. – Washington-McElroy?
  11. Write to all local, state and federal legislators too rescind the power of eminent domain.


  1. City ordinances not enforced – parking on the streets


  1. Faculty on sabbatical or on leave (more than one year) need to be able to rent


  1. Contact city & city commissioners
  2. Contact Stillwater Neighborhood Alliance and become association.
  3. Establish covenants for the entire neighborhood
  4. Get copies of covenants previously established
  5. Get media attention – TV, radio, O’Collegian, Stillwater Journal, Stillwater Newspress
  6. Hire an appraiser as a neighborhood – one we can trust
  7. Hire and attorney for the Association – before Dec. 2 Regents meeting
  8. Organize a simple association – short name, clear purpose, flexible
  9. Organize – collect money – do it now
  10. Use web site for communication


  1. Build the athletic village on the old golf course
  2. Contact Benham with our comments
  3. Contact Institute for Issues Management – Weldon Schieffer to see if they will handle the next meeting.
  4. Contact (cards, letters, phone calls, e-mail) members of the University Board of Regents and local and state legislators
  5. Contact Oklahoma Representative, Frank Lucas, for he is against eminent domain
  6. Find out the facts and draft a response
  7. Get statement from OSU to all homeowners stating that OSU will never seek to acquire our homes.
  8. Is Washington Heights addition in the OSU Master Plan – 10, 20, 25 years?
  9. Repeal sales tax to pay off Gallagher-Iba Arena
  10. Write letter to O’Collegain, Stillwater Journal, Stillwater Newspress, Tulsa World and Daily Oklahoman


  1. Need liaison with school district

*Note from administrator (Ann Williams): This summary of the 11/14/05 was typewritten and given to me by an individual who helped plan this meeting so that I would enter the information to this website. I did not attend this meeting as I was attending the City Commission meeting.

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