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Jason J. Caniglia, M.P.A,Assistant Vice President for Development, Oklahoma State University, 201 Advanced Technology Research CenterStillwater, OK 74078,Office Phone: (405) 744-3747,Cell Phone: (405) 880-2430

Organized in 1961, the OSU Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation organized under the General Corporation Act of the State of Oklahoma.

The Foundation has qualified as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.

Gifts made to the Foundation are deemed to be made to a qualified organization and are deductible under: Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code

The Oklahoma State University Foundation serves as the fundraising organization for Oklahoma State University.

Fundraising History
1982 – OSU’s First Major Fundraising Campaign for the Noble Research Center Total Raised for Project: $15,000,000

Annual private gifts continue to grow through the 1980’s, averaging revenues around $14,000,000 per year

Bringing Dreams To Life
In 1984, OSU began the first “comprehensive campaign,” with a five-year goal of $125,000,000.

The original campaign goal was met, raised to $206,000,000 and then met again.

On June 30, 2000, the “Bringing Dreams to Life Campaign” closed with a total of $260,000,000 in private gift commitments.

This $260 million can be broken down roughly into the following categories:
$91 million Student Programs, Scholarships & Fellowships
$72 million Annual Giving – (e.g., Posse, research, schol., etc)
$46 million Physical Campus Projects
$30 million Endowed Faculty Positions
$15 million Athletic Facility – Gallagher Iba Arena
$ 4 million Library

Changes at the OSU Foundation
Malinda Berry Fischer is NO LONGER Chair of the OSU Foundation Board of Trustees.
Kirk Jewell is President and Chief Executive Officer of the OSU Foundation.
Bob Clyne is Vice President of Development for the OSU Foundation
Gary Clark is Vice President and General Council for the OSU Foundation
Marsha Wooden is Vice President of Finance & Administration for the OSU Foundation

Unite donor and university passions and priorities to achieve excellence.
VisionProvide at least 50% of the University system’s educational and general budget.

Core Values:
Integrity – We maintain the highest ethical standards demonstrating our dedication to the principles of truth and honesty.
· Dignity and respect for all people – We value diversity and treat all individuals with respect and professionalism.
· Stewardship of Resources – We commit to the efficient and effective use of resources and accept the responsibility of being accountable and transparent to our constituencies.
· Excellence – We pursue excellence in all our endeavors, and are committed to continuous improvement, responsiveness, and outstanding customer service.
· Donor-centered development – We embrace development strategies that foster relationships and respect the donor’s interests.
· Service to OSU – We recognize that serving OSU is our primary focus.

Changes At OSU
Top University Priorities
Athletic Stadium Project Goal: $108,000,000
Athletic Stadium Project Raised to Date: $86,000,000

Top University Priorities
The ConocoPhillips OSU Alumni Center
Alumni Center Goal: $16,000,000
Alumni Center Raised to Date: $14,000,000
Dedication Event Held August 19, 2005

P.O.S.T. Scholarship Program $50,000,000

What Priorities Are Next?
Each College has provided a listing of top priorities to the President’s Office – so promote your needs within your College Unit first.

Help prepare “Needs Assessment” lists for your Department or College and keep your Development Officer informed of priorities.

Help cultivate potential donors for the next research/academic campaign.

Help OSUF Help You!
Inform your College Development Officer of any contacts you have that we may assist you in soliciting.
– Alumni who have taken your courses
– Corporations that recruit your students or benefit from
your research.
– Private Foundations

Keep in contact with your students after leaving your class as the strongest affinity alumni have with OSU is through their professors (Email, Newsletters, etc.).

Remember that “Private Support” from Alumni, Friends, Corporations and Foundations can advance you on the road to excellence at OSU.Thank You!

For giving of your: Time and Talent…but don’t forget to also give your Treasure to help OSU ACHIEVE EXCELLENCE!

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