Mon. Jan 9 meetings

I went to the County Commission meeting @ 9:00am. Nothing was discussed regarding the OSU proposed Master Plan.

Nothing regarding the OSU proposed Master Plan was discussed at the 6:30 pm regular meeting of the City Commission.

The Use Tax Oversight Committee meeting @ 6:00pm: The fact that the use tax is taken from out of state sales tax, such as catalog sales was discussed. It was stated that, therefore, the tax is truly not taken from our city’s taxes (unless one might say that it is a tax the city could have for our budget if we did not give $600,000.00 annually to OSU). The “Memorandum of Understanding” stating the intent for Stillwater (City) and OSU to engage in cooperative efforts is very vague and, as I see it, is rather meaninless.

OSU agreed to resurface Monroe & for the public to have access to same through the campus as long as Monroe Street remains open by the university.

OSU agreed to use it “best efforts” to obtain federal funds for improvements to the dam at Lake Carl Blackwell & in the event federal funds don’t become available, OSU will endeavor to identify other revenues available to it for this use. (Obviously no federal funds, or other funds have “become available” for this project.)

Paragraph concerning water treatment and distribution facilities study and parties would work together to determine mutually acceptable agreement that will provide stable, reliable water service for both parties.

OSU will use its “best efforts” to oprovide an overlay or other improvements to Hall of Fame from Western to Duck within a reasonable period of time.

OSU and City will continue to explore options in the provision of electrical service to each party that will create savings which may be shared between them.

The above is a “synopsis” by me, not total word for word. Discussion of the memorandum was held. No action taken.

Meeting with OSU and City Commission @ 6:00pm:
Mr. Bosserman and Mr. Weaver represented OSU.
Hall of Fame: want to keep it open. Want to have engineering consultant to study the situation regarding safety in keeping it open.

When contract with OG&E terminates, OSU will allow the City of Stillwater to bid for the opporunity to be their supplier of electricity.
Hank Moore stated he didn’t feel it was appropriate for OSU to pick and choose, ala carte regarding, sewage, water, electricity, fire protection, etc. OSU give no offset for fire protection.

Discussion regarding Lake Carl Blackwell dam and its vulnerability. OSU said they keep putting it on their priority list for federal funding, but have not received any. Hank Moore said that just putting it on someone’s priority list was not enough. There is a concern for safety of citizens and concern for flooding. Bud Lacy stated that OSU is trying. It was agreed that both the City and OSU would try to work together to pursue state funding. The dam is not up to today’s standards.

Regarding City convention center: A Mn. firm has been hired to do feasibility study to see if there is sufficient need to persue, do we have enough market to support it? Bud Lacy asked if OSU was included in the discussion regarding a convention center and that if built, it probably needs to be near the campus.

Transportation meeting is scheduled for Jan. 19th @ 7p in the public library to look toward a 20 yr. horizon determining needs and how to fund them. This meeting will discuss city roads, routes, buses, etc. There will be 2 OSU representatives on the committee. Bud Lacy said we needed to be sure to cooridnate with OSU. He also talked about making 6 lanes of traffic on 6th street from Western to County Club Rd.

Infrastructure. Dan Galloway, City Manager, asked for a plan showing infrastructure for the proposed OSU master plan. Mr. Bosserman said that there is an infrastructure plan.

Mr. Bosserman requested that the City try to set up a code enforcement policy for all rental properties for safety purposes.

Fire protection needs were discussed, as well as the remodel, or removal of the fire station located at University and Knoblock.

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