ML Chapal said

January 22 Sunday’s Oklahoman page 4 What’s the Legislature planning? SBl066 by Sen. Earl Garrison, D. Muskogee, would prohibit state and local governments from taking people’s private property for private use. The measure indicates a public entity would not have the power to acquire property by eminent domain for a purpose that is soley economic development.

I cannot get a link to the website from the Oklahoman because I am not a subscriber. Sorry.

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  1. Lee Agnew says:

    The text of the bill is available on line at:

  2. Leonard G. Herron III says:

    SB1066 deals largely with changes to O.S. Title 11 which is Municipalities (Cities and Towns) it may or may not apply to OSU and schools. A search of the Oklahoma Legislative Service Bureau’s web site for text of measures yields about 39 measures. To view the text of these go to then go down to the center column, LEGISLATIVE INFORMATION SYSTEM, then down to Search Text of Measures and click on it, then type in eminent domain and do a search. You can then click on the individual measures and open, read or print. There is a lot more in the Senate than in the House.

    Leonard G. Herron III

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