Malinda Berry Fischer

Malinda Berry Fischer is no longer chairman of the Board of Trustees of the OSU Foundation. I saw her at a social gathering last evening and she said she was no longer serving in that capacity. Sorry about that. OSU Foundation, apparently has not updated their information.

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  1. Anon says:

    seems to me the foundation…[SNIP - Admin Note: It was brought to my attention by the administrator assistant that this comment was entered with an invalid e-mail address. In accordance with the posting rules stated on the home page it has been deleted.]

  2. Anon says:

    It is true that the Foundation probably did not originate this plan, but by carrying it out they are complicit. Some good people have left the foundation recently, which could lead one to believe that those people still affiliated with OSUF are willing to go along with Schmidly/Pickens whether or not S/P plans and the tactics used to implement them are ethical.

  3. Tamara Colbert Maschino says:

    Did anyone read the Daily Oklahoman article on the Boone Pickens graduation speech, his comments in the article are listed below:

    “After his morning speech, Pickens told The Oklahoman he wants to see OSU’s proposed athletic village built quickly. Pickens has pledged $30 million to help the university acquire about 100 acres of land for the village — a potential purchase that would displace residents of about 310 houses, duplexes and apartment buildings.

    “Look at me,” he said. “I’m 77. I don’t have a five-year plan. I mean, I don’t have. I’m in a hurry to do things, and I want to see us attain the level … to be in contention. I don’t think we’re going to, you know, go in and win every game. I’m not silly enough to think that.

    “But I want when we play and the game’s over that the opposing team knows they had a contest — it was tough — and our guys leave the field head up and our fans leave the field head up.”

    Those comments are alarming, it shows that the foundation and OSU will be under tremendous pressure to push this project on residents. I am concerned that the speed of this push will put homeowners and property owners into a position of not knowing all the options and what the best solution would be.

    Pickens speaks of being 77 and therefore not able to have a five year plan, how callous, my mother is also 77 and being forced out of her home and then not given replacement value or proper considerations and having to move at her age was also not part of any five year plan. Does he not realize how long these residents have lived in their homes or own property in the area. He is “In a Hurry”, well he will just have to slow down and give these people a chance.

  4. Tamara Colbert Maschino says:

    Here is a link to the entire article at the Daily Oklahoman website
    Speaks to OSU Grads

    Shortcut to:

  5. Marion Agnew says:

    About the Foundation: it is part of the process of acquiring this land. If people who work at the Foundation are bothered by something that’s happening, well, their organization has an established chain of command and possibly a formal grievance process. They can either take their concerns up the chain of command or register them using the grievance process.

    If going through the established procedure doesn’t resolve anything, a Foundation employee who’s unhappy with this process has the same recourse we do — they can talk to Regents and to their elected officials. In fact, their chain of command may end at the Regents or the Governor.

    If someone at the Foundation is afraid to disagree with this course of action for fear of losing his or her job, that in itself shows a problem at the Foundation.

    Each person who works at OSU, whether it’s in the athletic department, in the alumni association, in the Foundation, or as a faculty or staff member, has to decide how he or she will behave in this situation.

    The worst thing any of them — or us — can do is object to what’s happening but stay silent and hope for the best.

  6. Anon says:

    We have a alumnus who is willing to pony up $30M+ … can you imagine how outraged the citizens of Stillwater would be if OSU said no thanks?

  7. Bob Kargel says:

    to Anon: I am a citizen and would not be outraged if OSU said no to Boone Pickens money. I think people being able to keep their homes is more important than a playground for a bunch of athletes. This university got along fine before Pickens and Holder took over the reins. What if this plan goes thru and OSU still doesn’t compete with others in the Big Twelve, will they take over the whole town? __And I have enough guts to give my name.

  8. Marion Agnew says:

    Not only that, but a president worth his salary would say to Pickens, “We appreciate your interest. How about we use this money for this other purpose over here?”

    They could maybe even finish the stadium that bears the Pickens name before they start construction on something they don’t have the money to finish.

    And personally, if OSU were to lose this $30 million by saying “if we can’t use it for a better purpose than that, no thanks,” I would be proud.

  9. Mixer says:

    ::: What if this plan goes thru and OSU still doesn’t compete with others in the Big Twelve, will they take over the whole town? :::

    Don’t laugh, there’s a map that shows OSU expanding east to Boomer/Main and south to Sixth street – and beyond. Someone I talk to regularly has told me that OSU’s reach will in time encompass all the housing south and west of the university along sixth street to Western. It’s been called the “50 year plan”. If they move south all the way to 12th, then nearly all the older houses in Stillwater would fall under OSU’s domain.

  10. Dr. Ted Douglas says:

    A gift is given without regard to what is done with it. When you attach strings to the gift that’s called prostitution. We now know what the price of the university is, I wonder what else they’ll be willing to do for money? Heck, wasn’t that long ago that we were paying athletes to become the best in the country. MAYBE money doesn’t have anything to do with how good a team you field.

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