Letter to Board of Regents

Dear Regents,

I am close, but not in the present threatened area, but I cannot help but be concerned. There are real people involved here, homeowners, long-time renters and landlords with retirements involved. Everyone of them have a story. And nobody with authority seems to care. The perpetuators of this action have by no means a sterling reputation. Boone Pickens was a ruthless raider. Now he is rich and he buys people. And the people in authority at OSU have been willing to be bought. I am bitterly ashamed. My husband and I are not educated and we saved for years so we could send our son to OSU. He got a masters in electrical engineering in six years and we were so proud. Not anymore. When I walk to my friends house on Connell street, I see if not the ugliest parking lot in existence, it is awful close. Many people lost their homes by that OSU action. Now they are preparing to destroy another comfortable neighborhood where people live in harmony.. Very low crime area. And if this action goes forward, it will be an ugly dangerous place for years, as they wait for money. Construction never occurs on time. Look at the stadium and Hall of Fame road. It has been and will be a mess for years. And now this institution of higher education is considering making another such mess so close to a very fine elementary school and the cities only high school.

Progress is a good thing and it is time for OSU to move forward with new leadership

and to use land they already own so this can be done in a timely manner. Our city and its’ people deserve some respect. Until now we have always supported OSU.

Thanks for listening,
Beverly Kargel
808 West Knapp
Stillwater, OK,. 74075

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