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This is a link to one part of a three part OPR feature about the expansion plan.


The link may only work today. If anyone knows of archive links for OPR, please post that information as a comment to this topic.

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  1. Lynda Halley says:

    After hearing only the last part of this feature on the KOSU.org today via radio, I wanted to hear it again. However, it turns out to be a 3-part feature and while I heard Part 2, it was Part 1 that was available online. Now, as of 1pm (12-14-05), Part 2 is the ‘active’ broadcast at this link.

    So, I sent a message to Rachel L. Hubbard, responsible for the feature and listed as KOSU’s State Capitol Correspondent, and she responded very quickly that she would “request the series be posted as a special report where all three parts will be available.”

    Thank you, Rachel!

  2. Tamara Colbert Maschino says:

    I listened to the broadcast today and am looking forward to hearing all of it. Regent Hargis seemed out of touch with Stillwater residents, he could not understand why we are not supporting a project of this “Unprecedented Magnitude”. I am puzzled why he still does not understand why after hearing our concerns at the meeting in Langston. How can we possibly support a project that we have not had true input into and one that provides at best a murky and uncertain future with financial and emotional losses at losing our homes?

  3. Leonard G. Herron III says:

    Regent Hargis’s comment on OKC MAPS and comparing it to the OSU Master Plan shows him to be totally out of touch with OKC also. OKC MAPS was very carefully planned, lots of very well publicized meetings, City Council votes, publicly held elections, public hearings etc. over years. It also to my knowledge, didn’t take anybodies home, business, or investment property; it even left the privately held pay parking areas in Brick Town. OKC took the time to do things right and the results are self evident. Their planning department should be commended for their work. To compare this OSU Master Plan in its current form to the OKC MAPS is to insult everyone that worked on OKC MAPS. If OSU and Stillwater can manage to back things up and do the same, do things right, the results can be equally or more rewarding for OSU and Stillwater. In my opinion for OSU to continue on as they have been will be to waste millions and create a mess that will take many more millions to correct.

    Leonard G. Herron III

  4. Lee Agnew says:

    Sent: Saturday, December 17, 2005 12:25 PM
    To: ‘rachel@kosu.org’
    Subject: Master Plan Series Feedback

    Dear Ms. Hubbard,

    First, I want to thank you and Craig Beeby for archiving this series on your web site. I do not always have an opportunity to listen to KOSU “live,” and I appreciate the chance to follow your coverage of this issue.

    I’m afraid I must fault your feature, however, in the following areas: You have provided an appearance of “balance,” in presenting both “pro” and “con” viewpoints, but the “pro” side is provided by the “reasonable” and “reassuring” comments of (male) officials like Schmidly and Hargis, and the (male) owner of rental property; while the “con” side is expressed in the emotional reaction of (female) homeowners and residents.

    The tone of some of your commentary, also, is patronizing towards homeowners and opponents of the expansion. You mention “rumors” that homeowners would have to vacate their homes by June 2006: That date was in some of the initial media coverage of the land acquisition, and was in some of the Cinnabar Corporation communications to homeowners. If that makes it a “rumor,” it was not without foundation.

    Where are the comments of OSU Faculty Council chair Bob Darcy? At the Regents’ meeting December 2, he entered a statement on behalf of OSU faculty, staff, students and graduate students, requesting that the Master Plan process be put on hold to allow for more meaningful input from the community. His comments are archived here: http://www.ocolly.com/rightthing.pdf. The Faculty Council earlier this week formally adopted a similarly worded resolution, without opposition or debate. Is that fact not worth mentioning?

    Last month my sister Marion provided nearly every news media outlet in the state a copy of a study she made of population trends in potential students, which, she believes, cast doubt on the long-term viability of an investment in athletic facilities on the scale of the proposed village. The study is archived here: http://www.okstateexpansion.com/Demographics_Dont_Support_OSU_Expansion_Plan.pdf. I am also mailing a hard copy of this study to your attention. She makes no claim to special “expertise,” but her figures, I feel, deserve at least an examination.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I will freely admit that my childhood home on Bellis Street, in the “3-5 year” acquisition area, has a certain interest to me, and as it is currently owned as rental property by my father, Dr. Ted Agnew, emeritus OSU faculty, my interest is not only sentimental. But apart from that, there is a certain “justice” aspect to this whole issue, and in its development of the athletic component of the Master Plan (which will benefit a relatively small elite at the expense of the larger community), OSU has failed to act in a just or equitable manner.

    Thank you for your thoughtful reporting, and for your attention. Best wishes for the Holiday Season to all current and former KOSU staff,

    Lee Agnew
    Norman OK

    Former Stillwater Resident
    C. E. Donart High School Graduate, 1968
    BA English, OSU, 1972
    KOSU Announcer 1971-1972, Fall 1975

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