Property Owners & Concerned Citizens Mtg

Important Meeting. Tues., Dec. 20, at 7:30, Hillcrest Baptist Church. For all property owners in the OSU acquistion area, faculty and students and ALL concerned citizens of Stillwater. We will report on the meeting with Dr. Schmidly and it will be a time to SIGN UP for volunteering your time to help develop the various topics of research, etc.

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  1. David Demezas says:

    I don’t know if you are aware of the most recent plans for the IDP and the 20 year plans. You may view them both at

    The plans were posted on 12/12/05

    Note what they propose to do with the property N of McElroy – a baseball field, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a lake (!), sports plaza, two somethings and a lot of open space. They explicitly say that the Washington Heights area is not in the current plan.

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