Got this email tonight. Can’t verify, so watch for it tomorrow. I heard this was going to be from our big donor to pay for the west end of the new stadium. I hope it’s for that, and not to buy more property sooner!

Sent: Monday, January 09, 2006 3:33 PM
Subject: OSU Press Conference


Gift Represents Largest Ever Cash Gift to
Support a Collegiate Athletic Program in the History of the NCAA

What: Substantial Leadership Gift Announcement – Historic in Scope and Size
When: Tuesday, January 10, 2006, at 11 a.m.
Where: Varsity Club Room – Second Floor, Football Complex Inside the
Athletic Center at Gallagher Iba Arena

Special Note: The announcement will be
carried live around the world over the Internet at

In what is characterized as the “single largest donation” ever to an NCAA
collegiate athletic program, Oklahoma State University officials are
preparing to announce a record-setting gift which, in terms of scope and
magnitude, will propel Oklahoma State’s ambitious vision to build a world
class athletic complex unrivaled in stature and size closer to reality.
Details on the gift and its impact to elevate Oklahoma State’s
tradition-rich athletic program to a new level of national prominence and
competitiveness in all sports will be presented at the press announcement.

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  1. doug emde says:

    Well, $165 million. The Oklahoman website lists the projects which include a tennis facility which last time I saw a master plan was located at Washington and Eskridge, also a new baseball facility which was shown at Duck and Eskridge. I guess the 20 year plan has been stepped up a notch now.

  2. Tamara Colbert Maschino says:

    I am still angry at how OSU paid the Adlers 22,000 less than the county appraisal and then gave that small amount of “bonus of 300 per year” to the amount paid. There needs to be a impartial advocate for these folks that can protect their interests, this is so disgusting. On Yahoo Finance, an article on the Pickens gift lists a timeline for projects , this is a portion of that article and I am providing a link for the entire article.

    OSU’s athletic projects

    The total cost of the proposed OSU athletic facilities is currently projected to be about $300 million, which includes architectural fees and land acquisition. Those projects, their estimated costs and proposed timelines, include:

    New outdoor practice fields; $6 million; completed by 2007.
    Closing in of the west end zone at Boone Pickens Stadium; $120 million; completed by 2008.
    A new equestrian center; $4 million; completed by 2008.
    Construction of a multi-purpose indoor practice complex; $50 million; completed by 2009.
    A new soccer/track complex; $30 million; completed by 2009.
    New tennis facilities; $15 million; completed by 2009.
    A new baseball stadium; $30 million; completed by 2011.

    Shortcut to:

  3. Tamara Colbert Maschino says:

    Another link to a story on Pickens, this briefly mentions the ire of the Stillwater community

    Updated: Jan. 10, 2006, 6:05 PM ET
    Texas tea fuels Cowboy philanthropistBy Mike Fish

    Shortcut to:

    Just about every day, Mike Holder picks up the phone to check in with good buddy T. Boone Pickens. Sometimes, the oil and gas tycoon beats him to the call. They chat about energy prices and hedge funds, though conversations ultimately get around to Oklahoma State, and specifically, the Cowboys’ athletic program.

  4. Lee Agnew says:

    I just sent the following email to, with a CC: to

    Subject: Input/Feedback

    The “Input/Feedback” link appears to have been removed from the OSU Master Plan web site. I wonder if that’s symptomatic of something.

    I also wonder if OSU officials are still planning to schedule those “meetings in early January to gather additional campus and community input.” Why bother? The people who matter have made their opinions known, $165 million worth.

    Yesterday’s AP news reports about the latest Pickens donation list specific athletic facilities scheduled for completion within the next five to six years. Many of these facilities (e.g. tennis courts) are still listed as part of the “20 year plan” on the web site. Am I to assume that the statements on the web site are no longer (as Nixon would say) “operative?”

    What about all the other web site statements, about working with property owners in a “fair and compassionate manner,” and will use eminent domain “only as a last resort?” Are those statements “inoperative” as well?

    I submit that the concerns expressed at the December 2 Regents’ Meeting about the Master Plan and the process by which it was presented to the larger community, are still very much “operative.” After yesterday’s announcement, they are even more so. The issues of demographics, sustainable design, and true community input have not gone away, and they will not go away with a wave of a $165 million magic wand.

    As a member of a family that has been intimately connected with the University since the 1940s, I am extremely disappointed with the recent actions of the OSU Administration. What is especially galling is the fact that this Pickens donation was known to the Administration at least since New Year’s, but OSU representatives evidently did not see fit to mention it during any of the City or County meetings on January 9. The University appears to have sold out its core mission in order to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Pickens, Inc. This is not the University in which I once took pride.

    Just in case this email is actually read by a live person, I am and remain

    Lee Agnew,

    C. E. Donart Class of 1968
    BA OSU (English) 1972

  5. Lee Agnew says:

    To correct the record: The next day I checked the site again, and the link was there. I re-sent my message of January 11 with a correction and note of apology, also noting that my “core questions” still stand.

    Haven’t heard back from anyone.

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