How Eminent Domain Works

Traditional eminent domain process:
1. Notice sent of intent to acquire
2. Appraisal made
3. Negotiations with property owner
4. If the two sides cannot agree, the government entity files for eminet domain in court
5. Court appoints three individuals to appraise property
6. Amount equaling their determination of value is deposited with the court
7. Either side can request a jury trial.

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2 Responses to How Eminent Domain Works

  1. Donna Lautzenhiser says:

    Eminent domain is suppose to be used for the good of all (ie. roads, railroads, etc.). It is not intended to be used for the advancement of the greedy, private enterprize (ie. office buildings, shopping malls, athletic organizations). It is absolutely WRONG to take homes away from people who own the properties and/or expected to live out their lives in their homes to build another athletic facility. OSU has extensions all over the state. Surely, another location can be found for this “Expansion”. As a graduate of OSU, I am ashamed of the actions taken by the university and will never again support OSU if they continue with this action.

  2. Dr. Ted Douglas says:

    You should put a 6A in there: After depositing the funds into the court clerk’s account, the property becomes the University’s. So while the jury trial is ongoing, all that they are really arguing about it the amount to pay. The house will be gone, because that’s the way the law is written.

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