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The change of City Commission and OSU Coordinating meetings to be held three times per year, rather than quarterly was decided last year. The meeting scheduled for Monday, May 1, was cancelled by OSU with no reason given. OSU is delaying the meeting until the next scheduled meeting, which is Sept. 11.

The meeting to have taken place on May 1, was to discuss the No. 2 fire station, reimbursement for the city’s fire and ambulance runs to campus, the athletic village and the city’s infrastructure such as streets and sewer and water lines that OSU will take over in acquisitions, the future of Hall of Fame and McElroy as well as other joint topics.

At least two letters were sent to OSU asking about the reopening of Hall of Fame and when planning for such opening could begin. There was no response from OSU to either of these letters.

There has also been NO response from the President/CEO regarding discussions of the fire and ambulance service on campus.

At the City Commission meeting on Mon., May 1, Hank Moore said the city needs to pressure the university to “get back on track” with the coordination meetings. Hank said that they should go back to quarterly meetings and with all the issues outstanding, he doesn’t think they should wait until September.

{Is this the manner in which OSU intends to “partner” with the city of Stillwater?}

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3 Responses to From Stillwater Journal

  1. Tamara Colbert Maschino says:

    It seems as if the City of Stillwater and all of its citizens are not a priority for OSU, it is continuing to operate on its own agenda and the town is just an afterthought of no importance. This city has suported OSU since the beginning and this does not seem respectful.

  2. George Ann Houston says:

    Why not a meeting once a month? I’m certain the OSU/CEO could figure out how to plan an hour out of his schedule. for this. Except if he has to meet with Pickens and be told what move he is to make next.

    Finally, Stillwater has a commissioner, Hank Moore, that has decided he wants to work for those of us who have supported this town for many years.

    George Ann Houston

  3. George Ann Houston says:

    Larry, I would suspect you have read my thoughts regarding the city and OSU meetings. There’s too many issues on the table to not have meet monthly. This is not a time for the “townies” to bow to the university. It is time we demand our elected commissioners represent us. We have many things on the table, including Hall of Fame. George Ann Houston

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