From Lee Agnew

Frosty Troy, editor of the Oklahoma Observer and weekly commentator on KOSU, spoke at the OKC Unitarian Church this morning. During the Q&A following his talk, I identified myself, and asked if he’d say a few words about Boone Pickens
and the OSU land acquisition, for those who might not be familiar with the issue.

What he said would have been familiar music to many of our ears: Pickens’, Dr. Schmidly, the illogic of OSU’s decision to expand north, etc. More to the point, he told me afterwards that the Oklahoma Observer would be publishing material concerning the expansion, including Marion Agnew’s demographic study, in the January 10 issue.

If readers of this web site are not already familiar with the Oklahoma Observer, I encourage them to make their acquaintance. I know of no on-line version of the journal, but the hard copy can be procured by subscription at $30.00 per year:

> The Oklahoma Observer
> PO Box 53371
> Oklahoma City OK 73152-3371
> Email:

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