Florida Eminent Domain

Excerpts from a few of the articles on the Florida Eminent Domain case

Riviera Beach, Fla., wants to displace about 6,000 of its residents and raze their homes to build a yachting and residential complex.

“What they mean is that the view I have is too good for me, and should go to some millionaire,” said Martha Babson, 60, a house painter who lives near the Intracoastal Waterway.

An Eminent Domain High Tide, John-Thor Dahlburg, Times Staff Writer,
    Los Angeles Times, Nov 29, 2005


Around the nation, there are thousands of ordinary citizens whose lives have been touched — and sometimes destroyed — by takings. For decades, the takings locomotive was fueled by urban renewal policies, now known by the more delicate term “urban revitalization”.

How Eminent Domain Ran Amok, Carla T. Main,
    Hoover Institution, Policy Review, Oct 2005


Now that we’ve been schooled in the fact that state level eminent domain issues will not be addressed by the Federal Supreme Court, but are matters of the state legislative branch, do you think we’ll now see the citizens of Florida stand up for their neighbors who are at risk of being pushed aside? For those of us in other states who have no say in the impending actions at Riviera Beach, Florida, this will be a lesson in how much one state’s citizens care enough to prevent land-robbery in their state.

Apathy Watch: Florida Case, Valhall, Oct 3, 2005


Mr. Frederiksen said people with yachts need a place to keep and service them. “And we want to develop a charter school for development of marine trades.”

Florida city considers eminent domain, Joyce Howard Price,
    The Washington Times, Oct 3, 2005

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  1. Tohan says:

    There are some good news
    Also there is legislation in the Congress.Write to your Senator and Congressmen.
    It will take 5 minutes. You will make a difference.

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