Emergency Faculty Mtg. CANCELLED

Emergency Faculty Meeting scheduled for Tues. Nov. 29 @ 3p: CANCELLED (due to OSU Master Plan presentation being moved to Jan. 27th Board of Regents meeting)

I have called a Special Meeting of the Faculty Council for 3 p.m. Tuesday
November 29th in 250 Student Union. This is done under the provisions of
the Current Faculty Handbook Appendix B IV section B (page 70).

A majority of the Faculty Council have already told me they will attend.

The only matter on the agenda is the draft resolution attached to this
message. It is a recommendation that the Regents hold off on the Athletic
Village and certain other matters until their January 27, 2006 meeting, at
the earliest.

I have invited the President and anyone he chooses to bring with him. The
meeting is not closed and the public is invited.

The meeting will not extend past 3:30 p.m.

Draft Faculty Resolution

Title:   A Resolution Requesting Further Study of Certain Aspects of the Master Plan

The Faculty Council Recommends to President Schmidly that: The University recommend to the Regents approval of the Capital Bond Building projects but postpone certain other aspects of the Master Plan, including the Athletic Village, to the January 27, 2006 Board of Regents meeting, at the earliest.

1. There is no successful integration of the Master Plan with the Strategic Plan. It is essential that the two be harmonized.

2. There is deep concern among the Faculty over displacing a large number of residents, the impact this will have on many lives and the viability of an elementary school.

3. There remains a lack of concrete and authoritative information. Maps change daily. Faculty, Staff, Students and OSU Friends, the OSU Family, need to have information and the University needs time and patience to provide that information. Absent that, there is an increased mistrust among those who care the most about their University.

4. The financing of the project is far from clear. Many feel misled on recent Athletic projects where vague promises turned into excuses to borrow. OSU family members have no idea how the project will be maintained once constructed.

5. Some plans call for doubling the size of the core campus. This is so important as to merit extended discussion because it will forever chance campus dynamics.

6. Some plans call for low impact facilities, essentially empty fields, to be constructed in high impact areas, essentially densely inhabited neighborhoods, while extensive fields are now available.

7. Student food and shopping access will be shifted as facilities in the former Master Plan scheduled for Student Shopping are allocated to other purposes.

8. The University has a commitment to sustainability in its new construction. This entails design that minimizes energy use. A recent donor, William S. Spears, is noted for teaching how to minimize energy use. Sustainability is not addressed in the proposed new construction. It should be.

9. The OSU Student Body, through their SGA Senate, have petitioned the Regents to delay accepting the proposed Master Plan until it can achieve Student, Staff, Faculty and Community support.

10. Education’s construction needs are not adequately addressed. For example, the OSU Library has half the traffic, a million less books and nine thousand less subscriptions than the average Big 12 University, yet it cannot house the collection it has. The Library building, inadequate in the 1960s, has not been expanded since.

11. The Faculty shares the excitement of the Administration and Regents over plans for the future of our University. We feel that something so important and wonderful should be the source of widespread support and unity. It should not be something that sows fear and distrust, uniting us only against our leaders.

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One Response to Emergency Faculty Mtg. CANCELLED

  1. Robert Moore says:

    Any major plan should provide a solid basis for it’s construction and expansion. Several questions are unanswered such as: how will the improvements effect funding for more core needs of the campus? How will repairs and maintainence be funded in future years? Particularily if state appropriation funding is cut? Where will the donors be then? Why are we robbing valuable resources away from research and teaching and harming our home community of Stillwater. Have provisions been made to fund additional fire service needs, utilities, street relocations and other improvments. Sounds like a pipe dream of a few carried by the masses. Hail to King Schimidly and Prince Holder.

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