Emailed from Hank Moore

Please post this from me on your site. I am not afraid to make my
position known and stand for what is right.

I realize that some in the community have issues with Mayor Bud Lacy,
yet, none should question question his absolute devotion to the City
for the past 15 years. From planning commission, to city commissioner
and now as our Mayor. There is no practical reason to throw that level
of experience and knowledge away. He has done nothing harmful to the
City and has usually made the right decision for the long term of
Stillwater. He brings dialogue to a healthy debate and we, as
Commssioners decide issues and move on. No consequence to opposing

While some may not like his management style or decision making process
at times, I respect his role as Mayor and one I know he takes seriously
to heart. I am out front trying to get him re-elected. He stood by me
when the commission voted 3-2 to not re-appoint me to the Stillwater
Visitors and Convention Board (because I voiced opposition against the
Stw. Chamber of Commerce). Further, he has allowed me to speak out and
to express my viewpoints, whether he agreed or not.

From my personal and political experience, Roger is both vindicative
and definitely in lock step with the Chamber and the University. If you
disagree with him at all, you become an enemy for life!
That is not how a Mayor should or can operate.

With the appointment of Calvin Anthony to the Board of Regents, those
two will, or should I say will try, to railroad the City Stillwater
policy and finances more to their special interests with no consideration
for the rest of the community. Decisions will be made with disregard to
the city; and the Chamber and University interests will come
first. This has happened with most of the past Mayors who pictured
their support in an ad for Roger. His support is NOT solid and is mostly on appearance (big money and signs in rental properties).

This community needs to look forward and not be operated as the city of
the 60s-70s-80s and early 90s. We should not turn the city back to the
Chamber of Commerce political machine and further allow the
University to further step on our citizenery.

PLEASE HELP – find just 20 people and get them to vote! We can
win! We need to energize the grass roots pockets of different thinkers
to rally around Bud Lacy. He is our the best alternative to standing up
for what is right.

You can vote in person at the Payne County Administration Building on
Friday or Monday prior to the election. We need to get to the 2,000
person level of voter participation. Watch for the papers to publish my editorial and watch the mail for my letter.

I have not changed and I have stood by my principles and goals the whole
year. Now, I need my voice to be carried by helping re-elect Bud Lacy
as our Mayor.

I would appreciate your support with my efforts here.

Thank you.

Hank Moore

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3 Responses to Emailed from Hank Moore

  1. Doug Emde says:

    I’ve known both candidates for for a long time and I signed on to help Bud get re-elected. Bud is a man of the people and he is the type of person that tries to build a concensus. I’ve watched the campaign as Roger continues to go negative and complain about Katz being closed and Hall of Fame being closed. Look around Stillwater folks! There is so much good going on, unprecedented growth despite the efforts of the Chamber of Commerce to lock the doors to the city. A feasiblity study recently came back on the possibility of building a convention center, the analyst said this was one of the most positive communities he’s ever done a study on. 2.1 million people within 75 miles of Stillwater, a 72% positive response by meeting planners saying they would consider having their meeting here if we had a facility. That put Stillwater as number 1 in the NATION of communities it’s size. Will you hear any of this from the Chamber? NO! Why? Calvin Anthony, president of the chamber is completely convinced that economically no one will want to come meet in Stillwater and we won’t be able to convince a hotel to build in Stillwater. Funny, Calvin thinks the Alumni center is the cat’s meow as far as meeting facilities go. Folks, we don’t need to go back in time, we need to move forward and continue to build on what we’ve got started! The only way that Roger could improve City/University relations is by just giving in to the University. Bud is fighting for what is right, but he is a realist and knows that OSU (not the foundation) has the legal right of eminent domain and they will be using it at some point. Bud will fight for the citizens of Stillwater. Vote for Bud next Tuesday!

  2. Lee Agnew says:

    I’m not a Stillwater resident, nor do I know either candidate, but I can agree with Hank’s statement about the importance of participation. It is essential that members of any community get informed and get involved. To sit back and say “Aah, politicians are all alike” or whatever is to abdicate our rights as citizens, and to invite continued oppression.

  3. Calvin Anthony says:

    This comment is in response to Hank Moore’s letter:
    I have never seen a more blatant disregard for the truth. In my opinion you have reached an all tiime low. Calvin Anthony

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