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We are hearing back on some of the appraisals that have been done and it seems as if OSU is getting even tighter with proper funding of these properties. One property appraisal is approximately 45% below current Payne County Tax Assessments and over 55% below what the homeowner could have sold the home for if in a natural market. It appears as if the appraisers are using the old tax assessments and not considering what the homes real market value would have been. This is almost like stealing properties. This is unconscionable, OSU has the funds available, why are they treating homeowners in such a disrespectful manner. They are not acting as promised, and that needs to change. If they want the land so desperately then they need to do the proper thing and pay for it properly and keep the homeowner or property owner whole and intact.

These mainly senior citizens will be unable to purchase another property at the amount of cash funded without obtaining a mortgage. Or worse yet, they will be forced to move into an apartment and pay rent for the first time in years. We calculated in one instance that the funds received would be gone in less than seven years if the senior had to pay rent or mortgage. These are folks that have not had a mortgage in years, this was not in their budgetary plans for retirement. Why do they have to give up a comfortable, paid for home, to move into a lesser situation and then have to pay monthly for the privilege of losing their homes.

This situation must be addressed immediately, these people will be in dire situations and we cannot sit by and let it happen. OSU must be held accountable for their actions, we need an impartial advocate ,not connected to the university in any way, to look out for these people. This project is creating suffering in those who need the most help , and they need that help now.

I honestly do not know how these people can sleep at night knowing what they are doing to these good people who have worked hard all their lives for their homes and have paid taxes all those years. This is not the OSU I grew up, I don’t recognize this OSU. The loyalty that was cultivated so carefully throughout the years is being demolished so casually and without thought, along with these peoples homes.

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  1. I would encourage you to take a look at this link:

    The article is concerning a 93 year old woman in Georgia. A hospital near her condemned her property so they could expand their Child Development Center used for their employees. A jury ruled that the hospital had to pay the owner 5 times the approximate $50,000 appraised value in addition to $51,000 for moving expenses.

    The article also states that 40 states are in the process of re-examining their laws with regard to eminent doman. Interesting reading.

  2. Tamara Colbert Maschino says:

    Hi Doris, how are you and your family doing ? It is nice to touch base but wish it was under more pleasant circumstances. It is time to re-examine this issue and how this is affecting homeowners everywhere. It is an unfair situation that is never really cured even after buyouts, especially with long term homeowners.

  3. Just a lot of upheaval. It’s quite a task to sort through 50 years of memories. I just don’t believe this is happening in America. Sad, sad situation when the university who relies on the citizens of Stillwater to support it, are now trying to take advantage of them. My parents and my sisters and I worked for the university. I am constantly getting solicitations from the Alumni association for money. I can tell you right now, they aren’t getting any of my money if this is how it is going to be spent.

  4. Tamara Colbert Maschino says:

    Hi Doris,
    It is heartbeaking and I cant believe it is happening here either. I dont think I will ever get over how it is impacting our family and yours and everybody who lives in this area or owns property here. It is like a nightmare you dont wake up from. Mom said your parents were here as long as she has been, that is incredible because you do not see long time neighborhoods in other towns like this. The strain on our folks is the worse part of it all, they dont deserve this at this time in their lives.

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