Concerned Citizens

I have heard from a few concerned citizens and am starting this thread for their comments.

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2 Responses to Concerned Citizens

  1. Anon says:

    Eminent Domain cannot be exercised if there is other land suitable and available to be used, according to my understanding. If this is correct, I challenge OSU to prove that the Athletic Village could not run East/West. Nearly all the property from the Stadium, west to Blackwell Lake is titled to Oklahoma State. And, yes, OSU already has a few “developed” properties on that land, such as the track and the women’s soccer field.

    However, I have not seen any hesitation in tearing down other facilities to make room for something else, or to improve their effectiveness. Examples: Kerr-Drummond, Wilhem dorms, the proposed moving of the baseball stadium and the proposed tearing down the journalism “because it is ugly” (quote from leader of Nov. 10. meeting).

  2. Trude Coonrad Naff says:

    Anon has raised some good points, and potentially valid arguments. Again, I hope that the property owners will think things through and provide the “powers-that-be” with some valid, reasonable, and substantive options to consider, as Anon has suggested.

    My father was a professor in the school of business for more than 30 years, and was a consultant for a number of companies around the state for many of those years. His advice to those companies and to me when dealing with the establishment was, if there is a problem, don’t just identify the problem, but follow up with one or more solutions.

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