City Loss of Streets

According to the Master Plan – it looks very much like Hall of Fame will be faded out and McElroy will be one lane. What compensation to the City of Stillwater will be made and how will you engineer routes to East/West besides Lakeview and Sixth Street?
Vicki Craven

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  1. Seth Condley says:

    According to the Master Plan and its updated plan – it looks very much like Hall of Fame will be INCLUDED in all phases of expansion. Please make sure you are reading the correct plan.

  2. david james says:

    In November I could access the master plan update sight at Benham. This is no longer possible because access is denied. How can I get access to this update to master plan.

    Moderator: I tried it, also. Guess they either can’t keep up with the fast paced changes or OSU no longer wants us to see “their plans”. I’ll check into it further. Anyone else out there finding the same situation or know anything about it?

  3. David Demezas says:

    RE: Benham website

    The url has been changed. The Benham site has a real slick look about it now.

    Try this url

    If you specifically want to see the 5 and (what were) the 20 year plans, go to

  4. Ann Williams says:

    I have also check it out. You can also go through
    From here you can view 5 yr., 20 yr, etc. plans.
    We will get the link from this site to one of the sites accessing the master plan updates asap.

  5. Tamara Colbert Maschino says:

    The 20 year plan seems to be disapearing, here is a link to PR Wire about the OSU press release on the 165 mil gift that again shows the timeline on projects. My mother lives where the tennis courts would be and that shows a completion of 2009. Well it is 2006 now, so that is definitely pushing things up quite a bit.

    Shortcut to:

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