City Commission Meeting, Mon., Nov. 14

I attended the City Commission Meeting Monday, November 14, 2005 and asked the date OSU would present or had presented the Athletic Village Master Plan. It was stated that OSU did bring the plan to the attention of the Commission and did tell them about the possibility of closing Hall of Fame. However, apparently, OSU is under no obligation to bring plans to the City Commission. Very little of the plan was discussed with the City Commissioner. Several members of the Commission attended the Master Plan presentation give by OSU, November 10, 2005 with the desire to determine how it will affect the City of Stillwater.

My comment is that I found the Commission, as a whole, to be quite concerned for the citizens of Stillwater in general and property owners in the acquisition area in particular. It seems they are very open to, and willing to listen to citizens’ concerns regarding the traffic situation and/or other matters surrounding the development of the Athletic Village Master Plan.

Hank Moore said that they all shared concerns regarding the OSU expansion, and that there are many unanswered questions on how the OSU expansion plan will mesh with the City of Stillwater to accommodate our citizens.

There was some discussion on the manner in which OSU has handled the situation with the property owners involved.

We will try to keep abreast of any further discussions between OSU and the Commission regarding the Master Plan and post the information, as it is available.

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