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From Lee Agnew

Frosty Troy, editor of the Oklahoma Observer and weekly commentator on KOSU, spoke at the OKC Unitarian Church this morning. During the Q&A following his talk, I identified myself, and asked if he’d say a few words about Boone Pickens … Continue reading

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Re: Chamber briefed

This morning I read in the Stillwater Newspress an article entitled “Chamber briefed on local issues”. A couple items jumped out at me. 1. Rex Horning (president of Stillwater National Bank, also a member of the OSU Foundation Board of … Continue reading

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Bad news for the schools

Oklahoma State University’s expansion plans would reduce Stillwater schools’ revenue and bonding capacity and lead to a hike in property taxes, Board of Education members were told Tuesday. “Bad news for the schools.” Linda C. Lang, Stillwater NewsPress Dec 14, … Continue reading

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Ltr. to Dr. Schmidly

Dec. 12, 2005 David Schmidly President, Oklahoma State University 1600 N. Washington St. Stillwater, OK 74075 (c.c. to members of the OSU Board of Regents) Dear President Schmidly, I would like to offer you some comments and suggestions concerning your … Continue reading

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KOSU broadcast

This is a link to one part of a three part OPR feature about the expansion plan. The link may only work today. If anyone knows of archive links for OPR, please post that information as a comment to … Continue reading

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Letter to Editor – Food for thought

TBP is still somewhat “{angry (edited)}at the relatively incompetent pussy-footing by the folks at OSU; he prefers to proceed with the overwhelming use of force, when you have it.” They need to look to the OSU Foundation and its principle … Continue reading

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Fall Commencement Insulting

Dear Regents: At the meeting last Friday, you heard much opposition to OSU’s new Master Plan. As you know, most of the opposition is directed at the land acquisition for the athletics village. It is that purchase, supported by a … Continue reading

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9/8/05 OSU uses power of eminent

Sept 8, 2005 Oklahoma State University is using its power of eminent domain for the first time to take control of three properties near campus. Three court cases are pending in Payne County District Court to determine how much OSU … Continue reading

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OSU canal plan concerns merchants

Washington Street would become a gateway to OSU off State Highway 51, according to Benham, the university master plan consultants. If businesses on the west side could move back half a block, the Edmon Low Library would be more visible, … Continue reading

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The Oklahoman – Pickens’ Role in OSU Investments

What many people don’t know is the increasing role Pickens is playing in the management of certain financial investments that help support the university. So far, OSU golf has been the largest beneficiary. Holder said it would be ideal if … Continue reading

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