Buses for Dec. 2 Bd. of Regents Mtg.

OSU is providing 3 buses to take us to the Dec. 2 Board of Regents meeting in Langston. That is THIS Friday. We are to meet at the OSU library annes. (The old shopping center, The old IGA for us oldtimers:-) That is at the corner of Eskridge & Main (across from Stillwater High School). We are leaving at 9:00. PLEASE BE THERE. We need you. The Master Plan will be discussed and our concerns presented. This may be the only time we can “present our case” before the Board of Regents VOTES approval or disapproval in Jan. There will be 3 buses. Each bus can take 35 individuals.
Homeowners meeting is still scheduled for 8:45pm WED. Nov. 30. We will organize for the regents meeting, write out our questions of concern, and discuss spokesmen. PLEASE try to be there. We need you!

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