Bob Barnes

My family and I own six houses and an office building within the 100 ACRES
that the Foundation and OSU are going to try and take. I have several comments but the first one that I want to suggest is that as many of us as possible send an email to the Board of Regents which has it’s next meeting in Langston on December 2nd. There are over 40 home owners that have homestead exemption who will have their homes taken and have to relocate. The email address of the Board of Regents is “”. Please as many as possible do this. I am very worried that OSU may close Hall of Fame and also McElroy, which they will have the right to do by a law already on the books from 1939. OSU is not going to want any street going through their new ATHLETIC VILLAGE! So if they close these two streets, there will not an EAST WEST thouroughfare from 6th Street (Hwy 51) to Lakeview. That is TWO MILES without a street to handle all normal and football traffic!

I can’t believe that they are planning to tear down Allie Reynolds baseball
stadium and build a larger one at the corner of McElroy and Duck, just so
we can host a Regional Tournament when Allie Reynolds has never been full!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought Allie Reynolds WAS the new stadium. ; )

    Writing the Board of Regents is a great idea. Some of the arguments against the takeover that I have considered:

    If an Athletic Village is required is there another location that will not displace numerous people from their homes and negatively impact Stillwater’s tax base? Is the development of the Athletic Village in this location so important as to inflict great financial hardship and upheaval on long-time Stillwater residents some of whom are elderly?

    I question the need for a 100 acre Athletic Village.

    • Enrollment at the Stillwater campus has grown very little since 1984.
    • Money does not necessarily translate to great athletic programs. Decades of dominance by OSU wrestling did not come about because of a huge wrestling budget.
    • As a former college athlete, I believe it is best for the personal development of student athletes if they are not further elevated above the general student body.

    For many high school students, including athletes, the town where a university is located is an important factor in their choice of a school. To what extent can OSU cannibalize Stillwater and not ultimately hurt itself. Maybe the OSU master planners see the perfection of their plan as the elimination of the Stillwater community?

  2. Linda W says:

    There are several movements underway that are refuting the “personhood” of corporations (or universities?).

    Ultimately, I don’t believe anyone can prevail against the “economic dominence” of the University in Stillwater. It’s a shame that with thousands of empty acres that OSU couldn’t have just purchased some land a mile or 2 from the campus.

    I believe that average citizens will have to revolt against “corporate personhood” before legislators stop giving them rights (without the responsibilities) that far exceed what the avg citizen is granted. It is only at a local level that there is a chance to change this trend. It’s happening elsewhere, hopefully, some smart lawyer will catch on and find an application of this very sucessful tactic in this case.

    “Chambersburg, Pennsylvania (December 7) – On December 6th, 2006, the Board of Supervisors for East Brunswick Township in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, unanimously passed a law declaring that sludge corporations possess no constitutional “rights” within the community. East Brunswick is the eighth local government in the country to abolish the illegitimate “rights” and legal privileges claimed by corporations, and the fourth community in the nation to recognize the rights of nature. The Ordinance takes the offense in challenging corporate managers in Pennsylvania and around the nation, who effortlessly wield those constitutional “rights” and legal privileges to dictate corporate values and nullify local laws.”

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