Board of Regents Mtg.

Board of Regents meeting CHANGED: Now scheduled to meet in the ConocoPhillips OSU Alumni Center in the Click Allumni Hall at 10:00 am, Friday, March 3. Vote for dis/approval of the proposed 5 year master plan is scheduled.

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  1. sue agnew says:

    I haven’t had time to fully digest the (expected but still bad) news and write an erudite comment, but I think it’s very important to say “thank you” to everyone who has worked so hard. Ann especially, for all the work of running this site. Also, (I am not at all biased) I am extremely proud of my sister Marion, my brother Lee, and my dad for being willing to do legwork, do follow-up, and keep a public profile.

    At least we all understand that our opposition to this plan is based on more than our “greed” — it is bad for Stillwater, turning it into a “mill town” rather than a community with its own identity, and it is bad for OSU, now “proud and immoral.” It is a sorry day in the history of Stillwater and Oklahoma State, but the expected conclusion to this ill-conceived, badly executed, and poorly PR’d process by Oklahoma State.

  2. Marion Agnew says:

    The press release on the OSU site indicates that the Regents approved the five-year plan:

    During the coming weeks and months, people who live and own property in the affected neighborhoods will suffer a huge loss. Community and university leaders may urge these people to “move ahead” and “get beyond this disagreement” to return to business. Some may have the gall to insist that these changes will bring nothing but good times and prosperity to Stillwater.

    However, when you’re the one losing your home or property to a bully, you have the right to grieve, in whatever form that takes. Now more than ever, residents and property owners need community support.

    People who have opposed this expansion have shown nothing but intelligence and class throughout these months, and we can be proud of ourselves and each other.

    Let’s continue that tradition and give residents and property owners — us, our friends, our neighbors — the space and support to grieve this loss. Let’s continue to be members of a caring community. We may not be able to change the bully, but we don’t have to let the bully change us.

  3. Mixer says:

    So what’s the next move? Lawsuits, or selling out?

  4. Marion Agnew says:

    Well, I wouldn’t call it “selling out” — “selling” is more accurate. Some people may need to sell, and others may choose not to sell. Each property owner has different circumstances and will make different decisions.

    For the time being, Ann Williams seems to be in the best position to help connect people who are investigating alternatives.

  5. Tamara Colbert Maschino says:

    I thought that OSU promised they would not use eminent domain, this is another promise that has been broken and set aside just like the so called 20 year plan. We are heartbroken by what has happened in our neighborhood and what it has done to our mother.

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