Board of Regents Mtg. 1/27/06

The URL below summarizes the meeting. I will also add that, being the 5th anniversary of the OSU Basketball “family” plane crash, Dr. Schmidly presented a memorial to our “10 Not Fogotten”. It was very nice and appreciated. (There was also a dedication of the memorial at University, as well as at the crash site in Colorado.

I did ask which dairy building was being razed. It is the dairy building on Monroe across from the Ag building (for us “oldies”, where they used to sell ice cream, cheese, etc.). When I asked the location, the regents turned to Dr. Bosserman to answer the question, but I requested the answer from the Regents. Mr. Helm asked why I did that and I told him I wanted to know if they knew exactly what they were voting to approve. He stated that I did answer his question & I replied that I understood, as we all like to get “straight answers”. I give the regents credit. They DID know what they were approving.

I also give credit to Dr. Schmidly in keeping his word to wait until the Mar. meeting to present the master plan and surrounding issues. He withdrew the 2 items regarding the approval to accept gift for West end of stadium and approval to raze aquired real property and accept the gift of related facilities.

I read a part of the Foundations’ policy regarding acceptance of gifts, as a reminder to the regents.

To read the Stillwater NewsPress summary you can go to:

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