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OSU has accumulated 45 NCAA national championships over the years, the fourth-most in NCAA history. Only Stanford, USC and UCLA hold more national titles. Sounds good, doesn’t it. (see reasons below)

In the US Sports Academy Directors’ Cup, OSU has finished among the top 30 programs six times since the award began in 1994. This award is to recognize the best ALL-ROUND athletics programs in the country.

These impressive results have come from despite OSU operating on one of the most modest budgets in the nation.

Cowboys Wrestlers have captured 33 National Titles. OSU has NOT funded the wrestling program budget with large sums of monies. And, I see no plans for additional facilities for the wrestling program. The one program that has given OSU true bragging rights. What is the secret of their tremendous success? Money-hardly. Coaches, YES. Tradition, YES. High caliber of individuals, YES. Facilities-don’t know in comparison to other big 12 schools.

Men’s golf: 7 national championships Mr. Pickens did pour large sums of monies into this program.

Baseball has won 1 national title (1959)

Men’s cross country team: 1 national title (1954)

Basketball national titles: 2 (1945 and 1946)

Equestrian team: IHSA national championship in 2000

We have had 1 Heisman Trophy winner, Barry Sanders

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2 Responses to All Sports Stats

  1. Anon says:

    Men’s golf: 7 national championships Mr. Pickens did pour large sums of monies into this program.

    Yes, but Labron Harris laid a foundation for the success of the men’s golf program and Holder did alright too….before Pickens’ funding.

  2. Leonard G. Herron III says:

    In the old Big Eight conference OSU always had the lowest budget and overall one of the better performances. The facilities help but don’t make the program. A good teacher or coach in poor facilities will do better than a poor one in the best facilities.

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