9/8/05 OSU uses power of eminent

Sept 8, 2005

Oklahoma State University is using its power of eminent domain for the first time to take control of three properties near campus.

Three court cases are pending in Payne County District Court to determine how much OSU will pay the owners of the properties, said Mike Bale, director of OSU Risk and Property Management. At the request of the parties, jury trials have been scheduled for early next year to determine the issue of compensation, he said.

Eminent domain is a sensitive issue for some students.

“I don’t know if it’s fair to take somebody off of their property and not give them a choice,” said Nicole Birnbaum, zoology senior. “I definitely think they should be given the full amount that it’s worth.”

– “OSU uses power of eminent.” Shannon Muchmore, Senior Staff Writer. The Daily O’Collegian

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